Author: Jeff Trumbull

The 6 Qualities Of A Good Taxi Car Service

As traffic is slowly becoming a global problem these days, more and more people are turning into public transports to take them from point A to point B. Though TNVS (Transport Network Vehicle Services) is gaining grounds in the transport scene, you still can’t discount the reliability of taxis. After all, this mode of transportation has been around since the 1890’s. But recently, these vehicles for hire have been a subject of public scrutiny due to the many incidents involving nasty cab drivers and other crime-related cases. So this leads us to this question: “What are the ideal qualities...

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Main Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is a specific form of marketing in which you can directly contact clients and allow them to place orders or use services by following the instructions or instructions contained in the e-mail program. Direct mail marketing can contain order catalogs, but it can also include all kinds of mail sent to your prospects’ homes, offering them the opportunity to use your services, buy goods or contact you to find out more about your company there are many different advantages of direct mail marketing and there are several of them. Direct Mail Marketing is very fast to...

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The Benefits Of A Flat Rate Realtor Over A Traditional Realtor

Flat fee MLS listing service is a practice of hiring a certified real estate broker to enlist your home to MLS (Multiple Listing Service) database for a fixed priced. Also referred to as “entry only” listing, this designation allows your property to be exposed to many other real estate websites like so you can reach out to more potential buyers and sell your house quickly (given that 90% of house buyers nowadays are checking MLS while searching for their next home). But as a savvy seller, what does it mean to hire a flat fee MLS service? What...

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How Cloud Computing Technology Can Boost Oil And Gas Industry Operations

The cloud is an exciting technological concept that is already shaping small and large companies in managing their IT infrastructure. And though it is a fairly new innovation, the advances in terms of connectivity, mobility, and computing hardware are already experienced by many enterprises after implementation. In recent years, cloud computing technology has already made an impact in terms of providing on-demand information access, reduction of large physical storage, and improvement in the analysis of information to key industries such as education, retail, and healthcare. And such promising effect could also benefit the upstream sector even if the industry...

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