Author: Jeff Trumbull

Automatic Door Vs. Manual Door: Which Is Better?

Most businesses know that the storefront particularly, the point of entry defines the overall impression of the customer about the company. In addition to creating a professional aesthetic on the exterior, using the right kind of door will help impress the customers the moment they walk into the building. Therefore, every entry door must be carefully chosen to help boost the image of the company. So this leads us to this question: “Which type of door should I use?” There are 2 options available today and these are the automatic door and the manual door… But which one is...

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Cannabis Consulting: Is It Worth It?

The recent legalization of recreational marijuana in North America has resulted in an increase in sales by up to 30% or a staggering $6.7 billion! And this is an indication that the cannabis industry is growing and that the competition is also getting harder than before. But with all this growth, the cannabis industry is still a budding industry, which is why we can expect to see a lot of cannabis consultants coming in to help fledgling business people and startup companies to be successful in the business involving cannabis. Are cannabis consultants the answer to your success? If...

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Why Businessmen Should Rent a Private Jet Charter

When you think of private jet rentals, you probably imagine a company or government employee or several taking a flight. You may even think about the cost of that flight being a million or more. The truth is in recent years private jet rentals have become more affordable. It is possible to find flights one way for travel as you would request. It’s cost effective if you spread that amount for business managers and workers who are traveling on a business tour. There are numerous benefits to rent a private jet Charter beside the affordability factor. A corporation will...

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How Vacation Rentals Can Positively Impact The Community

The industry of short-term vacation accommodations is steadily rising since it was introduced. And while the demand is strong, some states are still considering many factors in developing an ordinance or existing housing regulations to regulate this kind of business. Nonetheless, vacation rentals can impact the community in a beneficial way. And these are some of these things we are going to talk about in today’s entry. Provides A Positive Impact On The Economy Short-term rentals for vacation can bring a positive impact to the community’s economy in many ways. For starters, they can provide the city or state...

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6 Ways GPS Vehicle Tracking Can Increase Business Productivity

Nowadays, most companies are implementing the use of GPS tracking devices. And it actually makes sense considering that our world is progressing in terms of technology. And regardless of the industry you belong into, using a GPS tracker can benefit any business as it not only provides a detailed insights about the whereabouts of the vehicle but it also gives an overview of the driver’s behavior at the time of work. Indeed, there’s more to GPS systems than just showing us the way from point A to B. And we are going to know more about this as we...

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