It’s normal for the furnace to run continuously, especially during cold months. But before the winter season arrives, many HVAC experts recommend getting an annual heating tune-up by a certified HVAC technician before using the system to prevent dangerous conditions and to help you save money at the same time.

But why is it necessary to have an annual furnace tune-up? Read more as we are going to give some reasons why this process is essential to protect your home and keep it warm during winter.


Furnace Tune-Up Explained

For those who are not familiar with this procedure, a furnace tune-up is a list of things that a certified technician follows to inspect, clean, test, and prep the furnace for the winter season. The steps to follow may differ from one company to another, but the main purpose is to get the system ready so that it can heat the home until spring.

A Typical Tune-Up Checklist Usually Includes The Following:

  • Checking heat operations
  • Cleaning burners
  • Cleaning and tightening elec. Connections
  • Inspecting pilot system
  • Thermostat calibration
  • Testing limit switches
  • Testing safety switches


Why Your Furnace Have To Be Tuned-Up At Least Once A Year?

Here are the main reasons why you should consider an annual furnace tune-up:

  1. It Ensures Your Furnace Is In Good Running Condition – Having a yearly tune-up of your furnace will allow the technician to test the burners and make sure that they are working properly. Aside from that, they will also see to it that the system is heating at the right temperature to avoid any issues from happening.
  2. reasons why necessary have annual furnace tune upIt Helps Detect Problems Before They Get Worse – After inspecting the system, the technician will also clean the furnace so it won’t be working very hard during winter. At the same time, the technician will also check for any minimal issues so they can fix it before it gets worse.
  3. A Tune-up Saves You Money – As previously mentioned, a furnace tune-up will allow you to save money from constant repairs. And the reason for this is that 75% of the furnace problems during winter are due to lack of maintenance according to Angie’s List.

So make it a point to have your furnace checked before the winter comes to avoid spending more money on repairs and emergency rates.

  1. A Yearly Maintenance Extends The Lifespan Of The Furnace – Lastly, an annual tune-up keeps your furnace system running longer. And yearly cleaning and maintenance can assure that it will not be working hard in producing heat.

Without having a tune-up, the furnace will work harder and the parts will wear out faster. So in the end, it’s more practical to spend just a few hundred dollars than to spend more on repairs or replacing the entire system.

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