Author: Jeff Trumbull

The 3 Reasons Why Successful People Hire The Services Of A Life Coach

In life, we often deal with so many commitments. And as we go through with our day-to-day dealings, we can help but feel lacking in certain areas of our lives personally or professionally that we often succumb to the pressure that hinders us from discovering our truest potential. When this happens, we need the help of someone who is an expert in taking us to the right path of success. And that person is called a life coach. So if you want to be successful in life whether it be with your family, at work, or with your social...

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How Collaboration Software Solutions Help To Improve Productivity In Your Workplace

As organizations continue to look for ways to increase productivity, they are also finding out that incorporating collaborative technologies can be one of the most cost-effective and time-saving strategies. Software that supports collaboration allows users within a group to work together on projects, as well as collaborate with other members of the team to produce quality results. Read more as we’ll talk about how collaboration software solutions help to improve productivity in your workplace in today’s blog post.   What Is Collaboration Technology? As the term suggests, it is a type of technology that is designed to promote collaboration...

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How The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Affecting Restaurants In Waukesha

Amidst the ongoing health pandemic that the whole world is experiencing, the restaurant industry is perhaps the most affected in terms of business sustainability due to limitations set to thwart the spread of the virus. In fact, the industry suffered a $200 billion loss in revenues and 2.5 million jobs were lost in 2020 – which further resulted in the permanent closure of hundreds, if not, thousands of restaurants across the United States. Fortunately, the situation is getting better in Waukesha, Wisconsin because robust efforts are being made to allow bars and restaurants to slowly go back to pre-pandemic...

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Practical Luxury Interior Design Tips That Create A Classy Space

Home is your place of solace. Therefore, it should be luxuriously decorated to create a space that allows you to live comfortably. But if you believe that luxury can only be achieved by buying the priciest sofa or adorning the room with a collection of art pieces and antiques, then you’re wrong. Of course, not all people have the budget to fulfill their desires, and this may apply to you as well. But what we’re trying to say is that there are ways to decorate with style without spending too much. And if you want to find out more,...

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Crazy And Unbelievable Facts About Movie Celebrities

Some people think of movie stars as special people who are worthy of our praise and admiration. Yet, others also see them as normal people who eat, sleep, and feel just like the rest of us. More often than not, their social status tends to eclipse their human tendencies to the point that we only notice their flawlessness, ageless beauty, and tremendous talent. But the best way of knowing your celebrity idol is by getting to know some aspect of their personality, particularly their quirky and whimsical side that is not often seen in the spotlight. So take time...

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