Author: Jeff Trumbull

How To Measure Square Footage Using A Square Foot Calculator?

Determining the square footage of a property is very important for both the homeowner and the prospective buyer for many reasons. Any finished or unfinished space can affect the value of the real estate as well as the asking price. So if you are planning to sell your house in the future, you need to measure the square footage first so the right price can be established. Read more as we are going to tackle how to measure square footage using a square foot calculator in today’s blog post. What Is A Square Foot Calculator? Basically, it’s a device...

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The Value Of Cloud Consulting To Your Business

If you are looking for a way to secure your company’s data and protect it from threats and prevent the possibility of data loss, then it’s highly advised that you migrate your data storage from dedicated servers to the cloud. The cloud is an online resource that you can make use to compute, network, and store all data files that critical to your business to promote speed and scalability. And this can only be made possible if you consider hiring a cloud consulting service today. Read more as we are going to tackle the value of cloud consulting to...

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The Most Popular Trends In E-Fulfillment Today

As the eCommerce industry continues to develop, the customer expectations also grow. And this produces a new challenge for online entrepreneurs to exceed these expectations to achieve customer satisfaction. Now, part of this challenge is the optimization of backend operations to ensure a seamless process from packaging to delivery. As more and more companies continue to enhance their fulfillment operations, you also have to do the necessary actions to maintain excellent customer experience and ensure your business will remain competitive at least for the next 2 to 3 years. Here are the most popular trends in e-fulfillment that you...

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Value Of A Professional Locksmith For Your Small Business

Owning a small business provides a sense of fulfillment on your part as the owner, but can be very challenging at the same time. Yet, the rewards are great if you take care and manage your business properly. That’s why it’s important that you protect your investment as much as possible from any circumstance that might affect the success of your bread and butter. And one way of doing this is to hire a locksmith to protect your asset. Read more as we are going to tackle the value of a professional locksmith for your small business in today’s...

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3 Meaningful Ways To Have Fun At Work 

It’s quite natural to think about how you can gracefully turn your office into a lively place to work in. For many years, it has been proven that finding joy in your place of work has a significant effect on your career life. Knowing that it’s important to find healthy distractions from work stress, there are ways for you to have fun at work, which you can even turn into meaningful moments shared with friends. So even if it’s a weekday, you should manage to find something to look forward to, that you can enjoy and savor with your...

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