Author: Jeff Trumbull

5 Effective And Creative Marketing Tactics That Most DRTV Agencies Follow

The success in marketing requires a careful understanding of the methods that make a campaign thrive versus the things that cause it to wither out. With that being said, the combination of creative techniques and a good product that draw sales is what makes Direct Response Television a dominant player in the marketing landscape. But what really makes DRTV a good alternative to traditional advertising? To be specific, what are techniques being followed by Direct Response Television companies to execute a successful campaign for most of the time? Read more as we are going to share the 10 effective...

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SEO During Coronavirus Quarantine: The Good And Bad Implications Of COVID-19

While a lethal virus is spreading through many nations, there’s so much to be stressed about. More and more people are losing jobs. Parents are now forced to take care of their children’s needs amidst the mandatory school closing. And the most terrifying of all, our elder (and weak) loved ones are at high risk of contracting COVID-19. Not to mention the part that we are all confined in our respective homes due to the implementing lockdown. Truly, there’s no shortage of stressful realities that we’re all facing right now, especially for the economic sector. Yet, SEO specialists remain...

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How To Send A Certified Mail Online

A certified mail is an extra domestic mailing service wherein a tracking number is assigned to an article mail, package, or post office box and a legally recognized proof of mailing and delivery is being provided to the sender. The process of sending a certified usually requires you to go to the post office, but not all people have the time to make a trip mail depot. Fortunately, recent developments in emailing have allowed us to send certified mails online and forward important documents through electronic means. Interested to know how? Then stay tuned as we are going to...

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Dropshipping And Coronavirus: Things To Do During The Pandemic Situation

If you go through the internet today, one of the prevailing topics that create immediate public attention is the COVID-19 or the 2019 Coronavirus.  And we all know that this health scare has not only affected many people health wise for it also upset the balance of our social and economic lives as many businesses from offices to factories are halted. Likewise, places where people usually gather are also prohibited due to the implementing lockdowns. With this in mind, how can the eCommerce sector cope up during these times? What are the strategies you should do as an online...

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Why Hire A Certified Roofing Contractor?

Fixing the roof is a tedious and challenging job. And even if you feel that you can handle this job on your own after watching DIY videos on YouTube, you still can’t discount the risk involved while undertaking a roofing project. Not to mention the time and effort you’ll have to spend while buying the materials you need. In some cases, choosing a DIY approach may seem beneficial, but NOT in the case of roof repairs as these tasks require a more professional treatment to avoid mistakes from happening. Read more as we are going to give some reasons...

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