Author: Jeff Trumbull

The Impact Of AI Generated News To The Journalism Industry

Through the years, the involvement of artificial intelligence in our day to day lives is becoming more prevalent, so much so that it has managed to penetrate different disciplines from the world of sports, manufacturing, and even to the realm of news writing through this process called “Automated Journalism”. But in a world filled with fake news, how can AI discern the real noteworthy information from the fabricated ones? And how can AI generated news impact the journalism industry in general? Get to know more the answer as you go through today’s article. And just so you know, this...

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How On-Demand Series Production Came About?

Before, the common practice involved when watching TV shows is that you have to be in tuned in front of the tube the moment your favorite TV show is aired. This is very crucial because once you miss a single episode, then you won’t be able to see it again (unless there’s a re-run). But thanks to modern technology, the television industry has developed a revolutionary way of watching TV series and this is called “on-demand TV” or “video on-demand”. And this kind of media consumption has shown a significant growth among many viewers across the globe through the...

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How To Unlock International Cell Phones

Mobile phone unlocking is a systematic process of allowing a mobile phone to “accept” SIM cards that are registered from other telecommunication companies or carriers. Basically, a mobile phone contains a software program that blocks SIM cards from other carriers to be used. So the phone is “locked” exclusively to its carrier. And in order to unlock the phone, another simple software is patched to bypass the original locking program and enable the mobile device to read SIM cards that are registered from other carriers.   And while phone unlocking is currently illegal in the country, this technology may...

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Indicators That Your Company Is Already Set For International Expansion

Expanding on a global scale is something that all companies have been dreaming of. And it makes it even more possible since we can easily tap into online markets with just a click of a button because of the internet. But even if your business will go overseas, you have to ensure that you won’t penetrate the international market too quickly without having the necessary ingredients to scale properly. In the same way, you can’t enter a market too late as you also risk the possibility of having a lesser market share due to tougher competition. So how can...

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Social Media Marketing vs. SEO: Warfare of the Best Marketing Strategies

Two of the most effective techniques that drive traffic to your website involve Social and Search. There is a comparison between Social Media Marketing vs. SEO as to which between the two is more efficient in helping your business thrive in this fast-paced industry. Let’s discuss if it’s more practical to stick with one technique or to take advantage of both.   Social Media Marketing: Pros and Cons The hype of Social Media opened an opportunity to help boost traffic to business websites. You can target a range of demographics and redirect them to your web pages. The strength...

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