Author: Jeff Trumbull

Why Startup Companies Should Attend Disrupt SF 2019

Every startup company has a common goal, and that is to increase market share by gaining better opportunities to attract more clients. And in doing so, it will ramp up the productivity of the company and earn more revenues in the process. One way of acquiring such opportunity is by attending this event called TechCrunch Disrupt SF which is going to take place on October 2-9, 2019 in Moscone North, San Francisco. Taking part in this tech conference is highly recommended since it allows startups to get inspirational visions and valuable insights that they can use to help their...

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Small Business Must Follow These Tips To Boost Your Lead Generation Strategy

Lead generation is the process of acquiring new customers to your business. And for small businesses, the process is all the more important as more customers will definitely increase the chances of making profit. So if you’re looking for tips on how to gain more leads for your small business, then you’ve come to the right place as we are going to give practical advice on boosting your lead generation strategy in today’s blog entry. Identify Your Customer’s ‘Buyer Persona’ It’s very crucial that you maintain a firm grasp of who your typical customer is so you can provide...

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How To Determine The Right Conference Call Services For Your Business?

Conference call services make meetings happen between business owners and employees as well as clients, customers, and remote contractors by means of PCs and mobile apps when physical face-to-face meetings aren’t possible. And while instant messaging, video chats, and emails are also common mediums of communicating with other people in a remote way, conference call has earned its reputation of being a primary tool in remote communication for many businesses because it allow clients and colleagues to communicate and collaborate even if they are located in 2 different places. Unlike video conferencing, conference call only requires a telephone and...

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Tips To Gain More Confidence While Speaking In Front Of Many People

Speaking in front of many people is a reality. In fact, it is already classified as one of the common phobias (Glossophobia) that a person can experience today. And that a third of the population or 238 million people are struggling with a certain degree of being scared while speaking in public, with 44% of these being women. So how to effectively overcome the fear of speaking in public, especially for women? If you want some answer to address this issue then you’ve come to the right place because we are going to share some tips to gain more...

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Does Visionary Planner Work Or Is It Just Another Online Scam?

For online coaches, authors, social media influencers, and eCommerce store owners who want to achieve success in their online endeavors, the Visionary Planner proves to be the practical answer in reaching online success. And for those who want to enroll in this promising coaching program, one question lingers: Does Visionary Planner work or is it just another scam? Read more as we are going to give an answer to this prevailing question and prove to you that Visionary Planner really has the potential to turn your business into a successful brand that can reach a larger audience and gain...

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