Author: Jeff Trumbull

Vegan Food Trip in Washington, DC

Washington DC is often referred to as the town of a solid steakhouse. With the ever-increasing concerns on the health risks associated with the consumption of animal proteins, several restaurants in Washington DC have adopted a vegan or vegetarian-based diet. DC has some the best strict vegan restaurants that specialize in offering plant-based food. The following are among the leading vegan food joints one can find in DC. Zaytinya The restaurant is pretty and well-lit and is considered to be one of the most vegan-friendly food joints owned by Jose Andres’ business. Its menu incorporates the diversity of the...

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Why Tacoma is a Terrific Foodie Stop

Tacoma isn’t as widely known as its famous neighbor, Seattle. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a gem to behold to any traveler who comes upon it. A city that is as multifaceted as its art, Tacoma houses countless forms of entertainment. You could go visit their different museums.You can stroll leisurely along its lovely lake, chat with the animals in their zoo, or run around their many parks. out of all these pale in comparison to the dishes you can taste in this lovely city. Here are three good reasons why an avid food lover should visit Tacoma...

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Taste the Best of Washington State

Most of the restaurants in Washington particularly the hot spot are historical restaurant and they have lasted for more than a generation. Most of these place have a historical land mark particularly in offering something special that always keeps customers coming back. Some are well known meeting points for politicians and other known celebrities while others are known for their god decorations insides. It is known for its many coffee shops, fresh sea foods and eastern vineyards and it’s also known for having a diverse community of farmers who harvest various like ingredients like mushrooms, lavender and peated barley....

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