A customer service support is usually the last resort for most internet users who are looking for answers on certain inquiries or is facing technical difficulties and is in need of help. So it goes without saying that this workforce is crucial for providing customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Even in the email industry, the aspect of customer care is very important considering more and more people are now using the internet to send their email messages for both personal and business purposes.

And so in this guide, we are going to tackle the best practices of excellent online customer support as observed by the top email companies in the online industry today.


As an email account owner or any customer in general, nothing can be more frustrating than failing to find help when you mostly need it. So online customer support service of Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, and other prominent companies always make sure that their online support will be accessible at all times.

In short, whether the client is need of chat, phone, online resources, and email support, their customer service information is always provided on their respective websites.

Active Listening

Most email companies understand that one of the reasons why their clients are contacting them is because these people are having issues. And if a client has an issue, they want to assure that you are there to listen and be willing to help.

Active listening is considered as a best practice as it gives the client an idea that you are interested to know more about their concerns and that you are working out a solution to solve their problems.

Setting The Right Expectationsachieve customer satisfaction best practices excellent customer service support

A good customer support should always be able to provide a step by step process and set the right expectations to the client. Whether the email user requires the Yahoo support number, is having an issue with their Telus account that they want to contact Telus webmail support number very badly, or is just looking for answers on specific general inquiries the support provider must be able to describe a plan of approach in order to effectively address the client’s concern(s).


Another exceptional practice of a good customer support is giving assurance to the client that they are always there to help. Nothing can be more comforting to email users than to know that there is someone to help them sort out their issues.

Providing a WOW Experience At All Times

And above, the most important practice that sets online customer support apart from mediocre online help is by setting the bar of providing a WOW experience at all times. In short, they will always find a way of delivering a “customer-first” approach and exceed the client’s expectations as much as they can to ensure they will have satisfied and loyal email user.