Amidst the ongoing health pandemic that the whole world is experiencing, the restaurant industry is perhaps the most affected in terms of business sustainability due to limitations set to thwart the spread of the virus. In fact, the industry suffered a $200 billion loss in revenues and 2.5 million jobs were lost in 2020 – which further resulted in the permanent closure of hundreds, if not, thousands of restaurants across the United States.

Fortunately, the situation is getting better in Waukesha, Wisconsin because robust efforts are being made to allow bars and restaurants to slowly go back to pre-pandemic business operations without compromising public health.

Read more as we’re going to discuss how to COVID-19 pandemic is affecting restaurants in Waukesha and what actions were being taken to help food businesses re-open safely.


Re-Opening Of Restaurant Businesses

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Protecting the health of the people from COVID-19, especially those belonging to the most vulnerable groups, remains a top priority of the county. But despite this, the stern limitations are lifted to allow restaurants to jump back to 100% to save businesses and the economy of the county, provided that health protocols are being observed. To be specific, various government and health agencies encourage bars and restaurants to maintain social distancing, limit the capacity to 50% for indoor spaces, wearing of masks, observe proper hand washing, and etc.

As for restaurant management and personnel, the business owners are recommended to consider telework or work-at-home arrangements (if possible) for the management in fulfilling day-to-day operations and to limit common spaces where the staff is likely to gather. And apart from the usual health guidelines, employers are also advised to provide special accommodations for employees who belong to the vulnerable sector of the population if their budget permits it.

Morever, restaurants are encouraged to offer takeout order options so that people won’t crowd into their establishments and to cater to patrons who want to enjoy their food but can’t go out of their houses.


Mass Gatherings

Social settings involving at least 50 people may not be applicable since the possibility of observing social distancing is reduced. However, certain considerations may be allowed provided that precautionary measures will be observed. In short, limiting capacity is still encouraged, especially in indoor spaces. Aside from that, food businesses are recommended to set up tables in patios and outdoor areas so that customers can dine in the open air.

And as per the usual practice, staffs should be instructed to remind customers to wear masks if they’re roaming around the place, before having their orders, and after eating. Also, customers are refrained from socializing with other customers to maintain everyone’s safety.


Final Words

Overall, the health and safety of the community are always the county’s top priority. That’s why even though restaurants are permitted to operate the Waukesha County will continue to re-evaluate the situation depending on the status of hospitals and the rate of increase of COVID-19 cases.

If it turns out there will be a dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases, or the lack of capacity of the hospitals to provide care and treatment for affected individuals, the county will have to enforce orders to prevent the spread of coronavirus while still allowing restaurants to continue operations at the same time.