Most people who are planning on the major renovation are already aware of the stress involved as changes take place inside their homes. Whether it is for a flooring installation, kitchen remodeling, or the conversion of the garage to an ADU building, many things can go wrong, especially if the project is not handled by an experienced LA contractor. So it’s essential to find an ADU contractor who is reputable and trustworthy enough to get the job done.

Read more as we are going to share some tips in finding a reliable and trustworthy ADU contractor in Los Angeles in today’s post.


Where To Start

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The best way of finding a trusted contractor for your remodeling project is to consult your friends and neighbors and ask if they have recently hired a contractor. Of course, they’ll be more than happy to share their experiences if they have just hired an ADU contractor. Their suggestions will be valuable since they are based on the firsthand experiences of people you know personally.

Also, look for recommendations over the internet. Though your friend’s suggestions are good, you must also consider the opinions of others because it will also give you another perspective in finding the ideal contractor to handle your remodeling project.


More Things To Consider To Help You Choose The Right Candidate

No matter where you are planning to hire an ADU contractor in Los Angeles, you have to take certain precautions to make sure you are hiring the right candidate. Here are the tips that you need to follow:

  1. Make a list of your prospects and try to contact them over the phone. Those who will not answer your call (or make a call back) are already giving an indication that they might not be responsive when you choose them. So move on to the next candidate until you find the one which best satisfies your needs as a client.
  2. Check for licenses and certifications to know if they are truly qualified to handle remodeling jobs. Go to to get more information on the contractor you want to hire. And don’t forget to secure a copy of their license and ask if they have filed for insurance claims before.
  3. Schedule an interview with the Contracting Company’s owner or supervisor to know more about their day-to-day operations. If they’ll send a salesperson to meet you, be sure to schedule for a second or third meeting, this time, with the supervisor.
  4. Set proper expectations according to the Contractor Code of Conduct and let them explain if they refuse to meet certain expectations as stated in the document. Also, ask critical questions about their company and how they can help you with the remodeling project.
  5. And finally, perform a background check while choosing for a reliable and trustworthy ADU contractor in Los Angeles. Likewise, be mindful of these ‘red flags’ so you can avoid choosing the wrong contractor:
  • The contractor frequently suggests upgrades more than what you need.
  • Too many “TBD” items after the contractor has conducted an estimate on your project.
  • A contractor who speaks so highly of their company while besmirching their competitors at the same time.
  • A contractor who is pushy and doesn’t respect the budget you have allotted for your project.
  • A contractor who is asking for more money even before the project starts.
  • A contractor who is unresponsive.