If you’re planning to buy marijuana for medical use, it’s always a good idea to check on the labeling first. And this is very important since medical marijuana is strictly regulated that any medicinal weed that lacks information on the label is considered illegal to purchase.

So to avoid being duped by fake cannabis labels from shady sellers, we invite you to read further as we are going to tackle this topic on how can you tell if a medical marijuana label is fake in today’s post.


How It All Started?

Fake medical marijuana labels were produced to sell black market weed, with the first batch of fake labels reported to spread in Saskatchewan, Canada. This scheme was created to mimic legal marijuana and sell it to the general public without a prescription. And this situation suddenly caught the attention of local authorities and legit cannabis retailers since these illegal products are being bought by people other than their intended use.

Negative Implications Of Fake Medicinal Cannabis Labels

Without knowing it, consumers who will purchase illegal marijuana products may face legal repercussions and face jail time since they are buying something that is prohibited by the law. Aside from that, using black market weed with fake labels will put your health at risk since these products are not medically tested. Hence, the possibility of getting sick is high since the details being written on the label are inaccurate.

Tips In Identifying Real Medical Marijuana Labels From Counterfeit Tags

Fake labels may vary in terms of how similar and complex they are to the real medical cannabis labels. Despite this, they still exhibit common telltale signs, which we are going explore in this section:

  1. Lack Of Lot Number Or Batch CodeAll medical-grade marijuana products sold legally are required to show the CBD or THC content. And this should also include the lot number or batch code next to it. If these details aren’t present in the product labeling, then the medical marijuana you bought is more likely an imitation.
  2. No Excise Stamp – An excise stamp is a bright and shiny print that is included in labels to indicate the product is inspected by FDA and that the retailer or manufacturer is selling legitimate stuff under a licensed business. Excise stamps are not that easy to fake, that’s why it’s not usually included in fake cannabis products. And if by chance you’ll see this in a suspected counterfeit labeling, you’ll easily notice the difference due to the obvious smears on the print.
  3. Poor Print Quality – Lastly, fake labels don’t usually come close to real medical marijuana labels because of the apparent imperfections on the print, which can be determined upon close inspection.

Final Thoughts

Should a medical marijuana label seem suspicious, we recommend using Google to check the legitimacy of the product. This way, you’ll be able to compare the resulting images for any differences. And to make sure you are buying legit medical cannabis products, always buy them from a certified seller.