If your restaurant has been experiencing trouble lately with sluggish sales or high amortization cost, then the answer may be to think on investing in a self-order kiosk. This type of device allows customers to make purchases quickly and conveniently. And it actually makes sense to integrate this groundbreaking technology since interactive kiosks have been used in many industries from retail, hospitals, and airlines since they can meet customer demands and expectations while trying to grow your bottom line.

And if you’re thinking of having this powerful asset for your food business, then we suggest you continue reading as we are going to talk about how a self-service kiosk can boost restaurant revenues in today’s post.


Earning More Profits As You Let Customers Point And Click

In today’s world, enhancing the aspect of customer service through convenience and customization is essential for a business to achieve success. And now that restaurants and cafes are integrating more channels such as mobile POS and online ordering, having a self-service kiosk is also a brilliant idea in providing a comprehensive omnichannel approach for your food business.

Here are some ways a self-ordering kiosk can help your restaurant earn more profit:

Reduces Ordering Time

If you have a large menu, offering your food choices through the traditional ordering process can definitely cause delays in the total service time. And this especially true if you only have limited staff since other customers may have to wait a bit longer before they can be served by your waiters.

However, this won’t be an issue if you have an interactive kiosk since customers can easily navigate the menu without having a server to wait at their side. And as a result, the service time is reduced which also leads to a positive customer experience.

Increased Upselling Capabilities

Without a doubt, you have devoted time, effort, even money to train your employees to upsell. However, this process may not be applied at all times since employees may be focused on getting customers served faster than upselling your products to patrons. While there’s nothing wrong with reducing service time, not being able to upsell also eliminates the opportunity for your business to earn more.

With interactive kiosks, you can reduce service times while upselling customers at the same time. At the same time, it gives you peace of mind knowing every customer will be prompted with options like “would you like to upsize your drink?” or “would you like to try our combo meal?” to boost restaurant sales.

Decreases Labor Costs

Lastly, a self-service kiosk can also help your business earn more by decreasing labor costs.

And don’t assume that it’s going to replace restaurant staff because this is not really the cast. In fact, interactive kiosks act as a supplemental tool to help front-of-house employees during peak hours by reallocating tasks to increase speed and enable customers to get their orders quickly. Moreover, it also helps automate tasks to prevent employees from being overloaded at work and boost productivity in the overall operations of your restaurant.