A certified mail is an extra domestic mailing service wherein a tracking number is assigned to an article mail, package, or post office box and a legally recognized proof of mailing and delivery is being provided to the sender.

The process of sending a certified usually requires you to go to the post office, but not all people have the time to make a trip mail depot. Fortunately, recent developments in emailing have allowed us to send certified mails online and forward important documents through electronic means.

Interested to know how? Then stay tuned as we are going to provide a step by step guide on how to send a certified mail online in today’s article.

Select An Online Mailing Service And Create An Account

The first thing that you have to do is to select an online mailing service that allows you to send certified mails. One company that we can recommend is SendEnvelope.com as they can send physical mails from any destinations around the world, including certified mails.

Then, create an account so you can avail of their mailing services immediately.

Set Up Your Payment Account

After creating an account, the next thing to do when you send certified mail online is to set up your payment account. Some online mailing companies allow credit card payments while others based it on credit system in which you have to purchase ‘credits’ in their site and used as payment for any mail service you are going to avail.

Compose Your Letter

composing letter online

Compose your letter as you normally would and write the necessary details that you want to send to your receiver. Once all the information is written, you can either print to make a hard copy of your letter or save it on your computer.

Don’t forget to proofread your letter before sending it electronically because you’ll have no chance of revising it once you have sent your mail.

Scan The Letter

If in case you chose to produce a hard copy of your letter, you need to have it scanned first through a scanner so you can make a digital copy of the file.

After scanning, see to it that the digital copy of the letter is saved in your PC by checking the hard drive. You can also save it in a USB flash drive or memory stick. Just make sure to remember the file name of the letter for easy retrieval.

Also, double-check the digital copy after scanning to make sure that it is not corrupted.

However, if you have already saved a soft copy of this letter, then you can immediately proceed to the next step.

Go To Your Account And Upload Your Letter

The last step when you send certified letter online is to upload the digital/soft copy of your letter. Now this will be a fairly simple task to do considering most online mailing services offer straightforward procedures in uploading letters. All you have to do is locate the file name of your letter and your PC will take care of the rest.

After uploading, you will be asked to fill out important details like the name and physical address of the recipient, customized message that you want to appear outside the letter, and the mode of payment.

You will then receive a tracking number or code after payment so you can use this information to know the whereabouts of the letter anytime you like. In addition, you will also receive a confirmation email once the letter is sent to the designated receiver.