While a lethal virus is spreading through many nations, there’s so much to be stressed about.

More and more people are losing jobs. Parents are now forced to take care of their children’s needs amidst the mandatory school closing. And the most terrifying of all, our elder (and weak) loved ones are at high risk of contracting COVID-19. Not to mention the part that we are all confined in our respective homes due to the implementing lockdown.

Truly, there’s no shortage of stressful realities that we’re all facing right now, especially for the economic sector. Yet, SEO specialists remain optimistic as they still believe that businesses can still work out with their clients despite the current situation.

Read more as we are going to discuss the topic of SEO during coronavirus quarantine: the good and bad implications of COVID-19 in today’s entry.


The Negative Impact

economic impact coronavirus

Before we tackle the good part, let us talk about the negative implications of the current COVID-19 crisis first.

Without a doubt, the coronavirus quarantine has affected the stats of most (if not, all) websites on the internet. In particular, those websites that have a tie up with actual stores are the ones that mainly suffered due to the loss of traffic and a decrease in actual sales.

As customers are obliged to stay home during the quarantine period, they are unable to go to the physical store and make an actual purchase. And even if people have the means to shop online, they still won’t be doing this out of the assumption that most stores are closed.

In the same way, digital marketing and web design firms who are handling marketing campaigns for retail, small and medium enterprise, investment, import-export, and airlines will likely face a financial challenge as companies in the aforementioned industries will definitely cut cost and strip inessentials to retain operations and prevent further losses.

However, it doesn’t always have to be this way as your present clients may still see SEO during coronavirus quarantine as a practical solution to their COVID-19 business woes.


The Silver Lining

Cliché as it might sound, but humans have already proven our capacity to survive any adversity for centuries. In fact, we have bested Ebola, swine flu, the Bubonic plague, and the dreaded Spanish influenza, the deadliest pandemic in history.

The point is you don’t have to see the current situation as something hopeless in terms of business as there are SEO things that you can do to ensure the flexibility of your business during the quarantine period:

Double Your Efforts In Optimization

Consider the quarantine period as an opportunity to patch up any loopholes in your web design and marketing campaign. Now’s the perfect time to improve your optimization efforts so your website will be more attractive to both old and new customers.

Focus All The More On Content Quality

Clients may not have reasons to conduct business with you at this point. But you can still give them a reason to visit your site by providing them with good quality content to learn more about your business as well as the products or services you are offering.

Likewise, you can also publish helpful information about the industry you belong to. Just keep publishing valuable and relevant articles to keep your customers informed and to get more chances of being crawled by search engines and have a good ranking.


Final Thoughts

Overall, SEO during coronavirus quarantine is still essential to keep your business relevant. Keep in mind that there could worse situations than what we are facing right now. So your business should remain flexible and resilient enough to get through these tough times.

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