Two of the most effective techniques that drive traffic to your website involve Social and Search. There is a comparison between Social Media Marketing vs. SEO as to which between the two is more efficient in helping your business thrive in this fast-paced industry. Let’s discuss if it’s more practical to stick with one technique or to take advantage of both.


Social Media Marketing: Pros and Cons

The hype of Social Media opened an opportunity to help boost traffic to business websites. You can target a range of demographics and redirect them to your web pages.

The strength of Social Media Marketing affects the middle part of the sales funnel. You can gather tons of recommendations from social media sites that feed information to your audience, who are establishing product research. In this stage, you can rely on the connection and the relationships that you build to reach the final conversion.

social media pros cons


  • Excessive attention rate on business events and media posts or advertisements
  • Targeted ads produce instant results in a matter of minutes
  • The audience is willing to share content and raise awareness
  • Visible engagement metrics for easy social traffic analysis
  • Visual mediums are available to utilize for better SMM performance
  • Addresses audience emotions to catch and draw out responses
  • You can quickly respond to criticisms and maintain an excellent online reputation
  • Accessible paid advertisements to promote your products and services



  • High visibility makes negative engagements challenging to report
  • Emotional responses may also lead to bias ratings and reviews
  • The short-lived buzz of every advertisement requires you to exert effort in creating noise for your business continually


Search Engine Optimization: Pros and Cons

A large chunk of the audiences actively uses search engines to look for assistance in finding the perfect product or service that will either set or meet their standards. This fact leads us to the importance of target keywords in the success of your Search Engine Optimization. You must know what your customers are looking for, why they’re looking for it, and how they’re going to take hold of it. Once you fulfill all that, the completion of your SEO techniques will flow smoothly.


seo pros cons

  • Customers rely on relevant and reliable content for product research
  • The efficacy of long-form text is beneficial for higher page ranking
  • The content used for SEO is research-based and addresses customer queries
  • You can use tools that will give you right-on data of exact keywords that customers use when using search engines
  • A majority of the visitors driven by organic traffic are ready to purchase or subscribe to your products and services
  • Established SEO will continuously produce a passive source of customers
  • Successful, high-ranking pages last for weeks and sometimes even months
  • Unwanted traffic is easier to report with proper protocol and lesser commotion
  • Accessible paid search listing on the Sponsored section to feature your business website



  • Slow and unpredictable progress rate on promotions
  • Visitor engagements are harder to analyze
  • It takes long-term effort to establish business credibility
  • Traffic analysis shows that your visitors get counted according to those who searched for your product keywords, and no random audience can see your online presence


Why It’s Crucial To Utilize SEO and Social Media Marketing

Both strategies have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the truth that you need to utilize SEO and Social Media Marketing for your online business success remains. The discussion is open, but the argument has already been won. You must depend not only on one of them because each of them serves as your failsafe if just in case one, or the other, goes down. Since both of them contribute to the enormous amount of traffic coming into your website, there’s more reason for you to keep them than abandon either of them. Just imagine what losing one of the most effective marketing strategies will do to your sales.

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