Tenant representation brokerage is a type of service that focuses on handling the tenant’s needs in terms of real estate transactions. It aims to assist businesses throughout the whole leasing process from property assessment, site selection, lease expiration, occupancy, and beyond.

Read more as we are going to discuss why your business needs a tenant representation broker.

Their Area Of Expertise

A tenant representation broker acts as a representative of the client and facilitates the leasing transaction between the landlord and the tenant. Basically, they take away the burden of going through the entire leasing process on your own as they can provide these following services:

  • Giving advice to the tenant whether to renew the lease or relocate
  • Finding the right property to lease according to your needs
  • Able to negotiate favorable terms for the tenant
  • Able to answer all questions regarding your lease
  • Able to assist in selling and/or purchasing space

Why You Need Their Services?

As a businessman, your goal is to find solutions that will help your business grow. And partnering with a professional tenant representation specialist can be beneficial to you since:

They assist you in making the right decisions – When dealing with a broker that works for a landlord they are obliged to show the potential value of a property regardless of how good or bad it is. In short, they will do whatever it takes to seal out the deal.

This is where the tenant representation specialist comes handy as they will seek out multiple properties so you can compare them. Through this process, they are showing you the current situation of the market so you can select not just a good location but the BEST site relative to other properties in that particular area.

They work for your best interest – The loyalty of the tenant representation specialist is on you. In other words, they will push for terms which can benefit your business one way or the other during negotiation.

Their services are cost effective –  Lastly, in terms of knowledge and negotiation skills, a tenant representation broker can potentially save your business thousands, even millions of dollars as compared to working with a landlord representative.

Given the fact that they bring so much value to your business, you might think of paying then a sizable fee for the service that they provide. But this is not always the case since the commission of these professionals are paid by the landlord (or their representative) once the lease is completed.

And even if you don’t hire a tenant rep and you chose to work with the landlord’s rep, they will get still get the commission fee on both sides once the transaction is completed.

So given this analysis, working with a tenant representation is always a win-win situation for you and your business. If you seeking for a company that specializes in tenant representation in Florida, visit Mobiliti CRE’s website and check out the real estate services that they offer.