Planning an event is not that easy, and making sure everything will all go as planned is even more challenging. That’s why event organizers are required to work with a team so they can segregate tasks to different people to organize the event more efficiently.

But sometimes, the lead planner may not be able to hire the necessary number of staff to do all the needed responsibilities before the scheduled event. This is where the services of event staffing agencies are needed to provide the necessary manpower to properly organize an event.

But what is event staffing and how does it work? And what are the things you should do to be an effective event staffer? If you want to know more, we invite you to continue reading as we will talk about this topic in today’s post.


Event Staffing Defined

Event staffing is the process of hiring qualified candidates by an event staffing company to help in the management of logistic responsibilities in a corporate function or public event. The hired applicants will then be tasked to prepare the venue of the event as well as operating cash registers, working with ushers, and other necessary errands to ensure the success of the event.

As an event staffer, you have to choose the right hires that are suitable for the location, atmosphere, and the audience who are going to be present at a particular event. Aside from that, you are also required to work closely with the client to know their specific goals and objectives and coordinate with the event manager or planner so that all areas of the organization will be synchronized.


Things To Do To Be An Effective Event Staffer

Here are the things you need to remember if you want to start a career as an event staffer:

Know Your Client

Get to know your client from their tastes, values, and expectations by asking questions and customizing everything according to their taste. It doesn’t really matter if they are expecting the event team to wear collared shirts and pleated khakis or pull off a more edgy vibe by wearing denim jeans, printed shirts, and tattoos as long as you’ll be able to identify what they are looking for in the event staff.

Moreover, defining the client’s goals is also essential as it will determine whether the staff should be entertainment-minded or sales-oriented.

Estimate The Size Of The Audience

Knowing the size of the audience who will be present at the event will help you determine if you are going to hire people who are good at interacting with small groups (for intimate events) or have someone who is an expert in entertaining large crowds (for large events).

Identify The Target Audience

Determining the personality and character traits of the target audience will also lead you to choose the right candidates who can connect to this type of crowd.

Miscellaneous Tips

And lastly, here are the other tips you need to consider to become an effective event staffer:

  • C&C (coordinate & communicate openly) with the client and the event manager about your needs.
  • Create a checklist that you can use during staff interviews so you’ll be to screen them quickly according to the client’s wants and needs.

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