Author: Jeff Trumbull

Does Visionary Planner Work Or Is It Just Another Online Scam?

For online coaches, authors, social media influencers, and eCommerce store owners who want to achieve success in their online endeavors, the Visionary Planner proves to be the practical answer in reaching online success. And for those who want to enroll in this promising coaching program, one question lingers: Does Visionary Planner work or is it just another scam? Read more as we are going to give an answer to this prevailing question and prove to you that Visionary Planner really has the potential to turn your business into a successful brand that can reach a larger audience and gain...

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The Elements Of An Excellent Custom Outdoor Banner

Custom outdoor banners are effective in advertising your business. In fact, it probably is the most effective method of promoting your brand to the people. And considering the fact that it’s not used very often, you need to ensure that your banner design will be eye-catching and hard-to-miss so that everyone will be able to notice it right away. But what makes a perfect custom banner? What are the things you need to consider in order to have a unique design that will be as striking and noticeable at first glance? If you’re interested to know more about this,...

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Questions To Ask Before Having A Unique Fundraising Platform For Your Team

Whether your sports team is just starting out or large and already established, the process of choosing a fundraising platform is not an easy task. Certain considerations have to be met in order to have the right outfit that will truly help your team to excel. And in line with this thought, some questions are also raised as to finding the best online fundraising app that can satisfy your needs and provide the right amount of support that your team needs. So in this entry, we are going to tackle some common questions to ask before having a unique...

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How Can Mobile Marketing Be Advantageous To Your Business?

In the early days before the invention of the computer and the internet, businesses rely on word of mouth, posters, and eventually TV ads to promote their products and services to the masses. But as years passed, people are becoming technically savvy to the point that any sort of dealings both personal and professional is done through PCs and mobile phones. And as a result, the concept of mobile marketing was also developed. So if you’re a business owner who wants to capitalize on this advertising trend, it’s is important to come with effective marketing strategies that can strategically...

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Managing Senior Family Members’ Household Bills

As family members age, finances can cause a huge strain on families. Parents and other family members, who used to be authority figures in your life, are now reliant on you to help with their household bill management. It can be a daunting task to manage not only your bills but also the bills of senior family members. Here are some great ways that can simplify the process, make it more manageable, and hopefully ease the burden on you. Have a Plan in Place Having a plan in place with your senior family members, before you hit the point...

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