Author: Jeff Trumbull

Taste the Best of Washington State

Most of the restaurants in Washington particularly the hot spot are historical restaurant and they have lasted for more than a generation. Most of these place have a historical land mark particularly in offering something special that always keeps customers coming back. Some are well known meeting points for politicians and other known celebrities while others are known for their god decorations insides. It is known for its many coffee shops, fresh sea foods and eastern vineyards and it’s also known for having a diverse community of farmers who harvest various like ingredients like mushrooms, lavender and peated barley....

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Famous People From Washington State

Washington, a state in the Pacific Northwest, is well known for its abundant green forests. It was nicknamed the evergreen state by Seattle realtor and historian, C.T.Conover. Washington is a home for famous people who have made significant contributions both to the history of the U.S and the state of Washington in their personal endeavors. Here is a list of famous people from Washington State. Bob Barker Born in 1923 in Darrington, Barker grew up to become among the most famous television game show hosts in history. He is known for hosting the longest-running game show, The Price is...

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