Welcome the year 2020 with a boost to your marketing strategies.

If you’re thinking about how business cards can help you increase your business success, then you’re asking the perfect question in your head.

Old-school? Yes.

Is it proven and tested? Yes to that, too!

Regardless of how long you have already been running your business, there are a lot of ways for you creatively use business cards for marketing your brand. And, you can bump the number in your sales chart as well.

But, before we get to that, you have to know how essential this marketing strategy is for your business growth.


Purpose of Business Cards

From the name itself, business cards are tiny materials that can market your business on a huge aspect. Entrepreneurs have been using this traditional strategy for a long time.

Even though they’re only small pieces, they serve a purpose that goes a long way and not just a paper with a name and contact info written on them. Business cards represent your brand, and this is how you display your identity and professionalism even to people you have just met.

If you can design your business cards in the most brilliant way possible, you can use it in many ways to inform people about your business, be it a startup or a long-established brand in the industry.


7 Ways To Use Business Cards In Building Connections

Information Card

types of business cards

The original function of business cards is to serve as information pieces when distributed to your connections. You can let people know about your products, services, and what makes you unique from other brands.


Service Card

Another form of a business card works as a service card that offers a series of services to the customers. Service cards can also partner with other establishments to give your customers other complimentary options.


Appointment Card

When you meet new connections, you are also opening new opportunities to set appointments to talk about your business, present your best assets, and drive customers, partners, or associates. Whether you’re in for brand awareness or sales increase, business cards can serve as a reminder of you and what you can offer to them.


Shopper’s Card

Producers who are selling goods to regular consumers use the shopper’s card strategy to build connections with their customers. This type of business card serves as a constant reminder to the shoppers.

Aside from bearing your brand name, they also come with tiny notes that show gratitude for the shoppers’ patronage. This way, they can still think of you even when they’re outside your shop and remind them to come back in time for their next shopping schedule.


Loyalty Card

Another way to keep your customers coming back using your business card is by giving them out as loyalty cards. These can function in two ways:

  1. Whenever they make a purchase, they can use the loyalty card to earn points and have them exchanged either with a cashback or special items.
  2. They can also use the loyalty card as a stamp card where every purchase leads them closer to a redeemable item or discount offer.


Referral Card

When you give your business card, it can also work as a referral card wherein the individual who presents the card can receive a guaranteed award or incentive for a product or service.

Business owners usually give referral cards to their most loyal customers.


Raffle Card

A lot of consumers go crazy over raffle cards that give them a chance to win high-prized items or services. However, instead of selling raffle tickets, you can hand out business cards in exchange for reaching a specific amount of purchase. Which they can then use to join the raffle entry.


The Business Card Game

When you participate in the business card game, it could be a fantastic venue for business marketing. This strategy is cost-effective while making you present to where you want your target market to see you.

You can grow your business without having to spend much on your marketing tools. Which one of these ways do you think will apply to your brand? Pick one or two! It’s really up to you.

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