Hacking is a word that is commonly associated with nefarious online activities. And since the threat in information security is being compromised more frequently these days, the demand for certified IT security professionals is getting more popular than it was before.

These individuals are schooled in the latest developments about cybersecurity so they can capably defend an organization against security breaches caused by hackers and cyberterrorists. In fact, companies are more than willing to pay more to have these people protect their data and remove any vulnerabilities in their system.

So if you want to be a certified cybersecurity expert, then you need to be certified by a cybersecurity bootcamp first. And if you’re interested to know more, then we urge you to read further as we are going to share some things you need to know before you enroll in a cybersecurity academy this 2020.


The Definition Of A Cybersecurity Program

A cybersecurity program is a type of course that teaches you the basics of protecting computer systems from different threats as well as keeping data and networks from cyber attacks. Likewise, you are also taught the process of monitoring systems and migrating threats as they happen.

In essence, this course is an oversimplification of the IT security degree that’s previously being offered in many schools and universities. And each module is focused on developing the IT skills that are needed to prevent cyber attacks and to protect data and privacy or a particular individual or company.


What Are The Different Degrees In Cybersecurity?

The degrees being offered are different from one another. In short, some might be focused more on programming while others are more concentrated on security policies and digital forensics. But the classes in the cybersecurity academy must include the following subjects:

  • Basic Data Analysis
  • Introductory Programming Or Basic Scripting
  • Cyber Threats
  • Cyber Defense
  • Fundamentals In Security Design Principles
  • Introduction To Cryptography
  • Information Assurance Fundamentals
  • IT Systems Components
  • Ethics, Policies, Legal, And Compliance
  • Network Concepts
  • System Administration

As for the duration of the course, it’s similar to that of a bachelor, master’s, and doctorate degrees that are usually offered in universities that take about 4, 2, 2 years, respectively. Moreover, admission requirements will differ from one school to another. So we recommend that you check the cybersecurity program page and get more details about the academic requirements you need to secure.

different degrees things need know before enroll cybersecurity academy this 2020


Can You Take A Cybersecurity Course Online?

Lastly, enrolling for an online program in a cybersecurity academy is an alternative option so you can study at your own time anywhere in the world while fulfilling other commitments like a part-time job.

Likewise, this is a big advantage on your part since you can watch video modules over and over again, interact with colleagues at social media groups and discussion boards, and finish the course at a shorter time (about 1 to 3 months) as compared to the traditional cybersecurity programs.

But one thing to remember though is to check the accreditation of any cybersecurity program you want to enroll with to avoid being scammed. Also, you may need to spend money on IT software and hardware programs as you will need these tools to complete your course.