Bennington, Vermont is one of the most scenic places in New England that is filled with picturesque spots. And the beauty of these must-see locations has its way of subtly working into your heart. It harmonizes with your senses like music. And before you know it, you are entranced.

The thing is Bennington, VT deserves to be made known to the whole world so that tourists and vacationers can include it in their travel bucket list. And thankfully, Greg Harriman is doing a great job of promoting this amazing place through his ongoing public service campaign called Greg Harriman Bennington Vermont.

Read more as we’ll get to know more about Greg Harriman and his advocacy to promote the beauty of Bennington Vermont to his avid readers and those who are looking for an awesome place to visit on their next vacation.

Who Is Greg Harriman?

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Greg Harriman is a native of Bennington Vermont and has been working in the manufacturing industry for over 26 years. He has worked in automotive, consumer consulting, and the medical industry.

Likewise, Mr. Harriman created the Greg Harriman Bennington Vermont campaign to raise awareness about Bennington, VT and its natural beauty. All the articles about Bennington, VT are published on his website

Must Visit Places In Bennington Vermont

The beauty of Bennington Vermont is unlike any other. And if you’re interested in visiting this part of New England soon, then read this section as we are about to reveal some of the must-visit places in Bennington, VT:

The Old First Church

This tourist spot is one of the oldest, if not, the oldest church in Vermont. And although the present structure that is seen today is not the original church, The Old First Church has been around since the 1800s.

Regular mass is held here every Sunday so that locals and tourists alike can attend and pray at this solemn sanctuary at 11 am, but the time is adjusted to 10 am during summertime.

You can visit The Old First Church starting May 25 (Memorial Day) to July 1.

Lake Shaftsbury State Park

If you want to spend a nice day outdoors, go on hiking or swim with your family and friends, then this is the place to be. Lake Shaftsbury is surrounded by gorgeous wetlands and a recommended tourist attraction for those who want to go on fishing.

And what’s nice about visiting this place is that dogs are also welcome to accompany you in the trails.

Appalachian Trail

appalachian trail bennington

Lastly, this popular long-distance trail is located in Route 9 between Woodford and Bennington. And this is a recommended spot if you want to appreciate the beauty of Bennington Vermont in one place.

For more natural and landmark attractions in the area as well as the culture and history of Bennington, VT check out today and get more information about this must-visit travel destination.