Hardwood floors add an incomparable level of beauty to any home; however, they require special care and attention. Scratches and dents can rapidly form from everyday use, furniture movement, or pet claws; but luckily, repairing a scratch is much easier than it looks.

So how to repair a scratch on a hardwood floor? If you want to know more, we suggest you keep reading as we’ll go through the steps needed to fix scratches on hardwood floors in today’s post.


What Causes Scratch On Hardwood Floors

broken hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are vulnerable to scratches when exposed to objects such as chair legs, shoes, pet claws and toys that rub or push against the wood.

Specifically, hardwood floors are particularly vulnerable to scratches caused by chair legs. The hard surface of the wood creates grooves when exposed to heavy and hard furniture such as chairs. These minute indentations on the floor become visible as unsightly marks on its exterior if left untreated.

On the other hand, shoes can cause a lot of damage to hardwood floors. When walking across them, dirt and small stones are often dragged along in one’s footsteps that act as an abrasive, which scratches the surface of your flooring. High-heeled shoes have particularly large heels with pointed tips that are capable of gouging deep grooves or scratching lines into wooden surfaces.

In the same way, cats’ and dogs’ sharp nails can scratch delicate wood surfaces while they are playing around, forming unsightly divots or leaving permanent lines. Similarly, furniture and toys with their own sharp edges may also leave behind stubborn scratches.

Dropping items on the ground can also result in unsightly scratches.


How To Fix Hardwood Floor Scratches

  1. Determine The Depth Of The Scratch – Before you start fixing a scratch on your hardwood floor, it is essential to investigate the depth of the damage. Drag your fingernail over it and if there is resistance, then that means you will need wood filler for correcting this particular mark. Don’t be alarmed—this type of repair can easily restore your hardwood floors.
  2. Clean The Area – After that, clean the vicinity of the scratch thoroughly. To do this, use a soft cloth or mop to remove any dust and refuse from close to where it is damaged.
  3. Sanding – If the scratch isn’t too intense, you can repair it by sanding with fine-grit sandpaper. To start, use 220-grit and work your way up to 320-grit until all indications of the damage have been eradicated.
  4. Staining – After sanding out the damaged area, you may find that there is a color discrepancy between the repaired spot and its surrounding wood. To blend in this difference seamlessly, choose a stain shade that aligns with your floor’s hue, then apply it tactfully using either a brush or cloth.
  5. Sealing – Once your stain is complete, let it dry before sealing with a polyurethane coating. For the best results and lasting protection, apply two coats of polyurethane to stained surfaces, at least two hours apart.
  6. Filling Deep Scratches – If your fingernail got stuck in the scratch before, it is a clear sign that you need to fill this area with wood filler. This is an essential step for repair.

Using a wood filler specifically designed to match the shade of your floor, fill in any deep scratches that may have developed on its surface, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

After your project has had time to dry, use a fine-grain sandpaper with grit grades ranging from 220 to 320, and lightly sand away any extra material until the surface is flush.


How A Professional Hardwood Floor Installer Can Help You Fix Scratches On Your Floor

If you don’t have the time, tools, or knowledge to repair scratches on your hardwood floor, don’t despair! Professional hardwood installers are experienced in fixing scratches and other related damages. Equipped with all the necessary items for a successful job, they can easily mend these issues in no time.

It is essential to remember that a professional hardwood floor installer can not only fix current damages but also prevent further harm. They offer helpful guidance on how to correctly look after and care for your wood floors so they will stay in perfect condition for years ahead.

With the backing of a trusted expert, you can feel confident that your hardwood flooring is in capable hands. Professional help will also spare you time and energy that would have been wasted trying to do it yourself, freeing up resources for more essential tasks instead.


Final Thoughts

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