Determining the square footage of a property is very important for both the homeowner and the prospective buyer for many reasons. Any finished or unfinished space can affect the value of the real estate as well as the asking price.

So if you are planning to sell your house in the future, you need to measure the square footage first so the right price can be established.

Read more as we are going to tackle how to measure square footage using a square foot calculator in today’s blog post.

What Is A Square Foot Calculator?

Basically, it’s a device used to determine the square footage, square meters, and square yardage of a house, garden, building establishment, and construction project. To be specific, the calculator can also be used to provide data regarding the meters or acres of a landscape as well as estimating the number of materials to be used for carpet, flooring, and tiling projects.

Moreover, it is also used to calculate material cost when the price per sq. Ft., price per sq. mtr., or price per sq. Yd. is entered.

You can enter measurements in metric, US units, and decimal values. For example, if one measurement is 7’3”, you can input 7.25 ft. or 3”/12” = 0.25 Ft.

And if you have a measurement of 230, you can enter it as 2.3 m.

How Is The Calculator Used To Compute Square Footage?

measuring land

Let assume we’re going to find out the square footage of a rectangular space so you can determine the total number of flooring to be covered with carpet.

The area of the rectangle can be calculated by using this formula: Area (Ft2) = Length (l) X Width (w)

However, if you want to determine the area of a compound shaped space, say L-shaped, you have to divide the shape into 2 separate rectangles or squares and calculate the square foot area of each shape then add them together afterwards.

In case the unit of one shape is in inches and the other in feet, you have to convert the inch unit into feet and then add your answer to the total area of the other rectangle in Ft2.

But what if you need to convert the feet (Ft2) into yards or meters? Here’s what you need to do to convert other measurement units into square foot and vice versa:

  • Ft2 to Yd2 [ Yd2 = area (Ft2) X 0.1111]
  • Ft2 to m2 [ m2 = area (Ft2) X 0.092903]
  • Yd2 to Ft2 [Ft2 = area (Yd2) X 9]
  • Yd2 to m2 [m2 = area (Yd2) X 0.836127]
  • m2 to Ft2 [ Ft2 = area (m2) X 10.7639]
  • m2 to Yd2 [Yd2 = area (m2) X 1.19599]

Final Thoughts

Overall, the square foot calculator is the only device you need to determine the square footage of your property. And it doesn’t really matter if the shape of your house is square, rectangular, or circular because the calculator will give the right answer always so you can set the right price for your real estate for future selling.