Washington DC is often referred to as the town of a solid steakhouse. With the ever-increasing concerns on the health risks associated with the consumption of animal proteins, several restaurants in Washington DC have adopted a vegan or vegetarian-based diet. DC has some the best strict vegan restaurants that specialize in offering plant-based food. The following are among the leading vegan food joints one can find in DC.


The restaurant is pretty and well-lit and is considered to be one of the most vegan-friendly food joints owned by Jose Andres’ business. Its menu incorporates the diversity of the regional culture including Turkish, Lebanese, and Greek cooking traditions like small plates of innovative and authentic fare. Zaytinya offers shared vegan meals for family and friends.


It’s also owned by Jose Andrews and specializes in vegan-based fast foods. The restaurant concentrates on making burgers and sandwiches using tomatoes and beefsteaks. the fast foods are used are steamed or flash-boiled which makes sure that the flavor and crunch are maintained.

Keren Restaurant

This food joint is located at the Adams Morgan and is one of the best places to get vegan foods in DC with excellent services from staffs. It’s also one of the restaurants where you can get beers at cheapest prices in the DC.

Iron Gate

It’s one of the most preferred restaurants for both vegans and non-vegans in DC. The restaurant focuses on locally supplied ingredients to prepare delicious foods inspired by Sardinia, Sicily and Greece cuisines.

Elizabeth’s Gone Raw

This restaurant is the perfect place to find vegan food for special occasions such as an anniversary event or date night. It’s a raw vegan restaurant that prepares its foods from plant-based ingredients and applies temperatures not exceeding 118 degrees. The restaurant’s owner, Elizabeth Petty, ventured into this business back in 2009 after surviving breast cancer, a victory she attributed to her new vegan food diet.

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