It’s quite natural to think about how you can gracefully turn your office into a lively place to work in. For many years, it has been proven that finding joy in your place of work has a significant effect on your career life. Knowing that it’s important to find healthy distractions from work stress, there are ways for you to have fun at work, which you can even turn into meaningful moments shared with friends.

So even if it’s a weekday, you should manage to find something to look forward to, that you can enjoy and savor with your workmates.


Officemates’ Goals of Finding Ways To Have Fun At Work  

celebrate occasions big quiz thing 3 meaningful ways have fun work


Celebrate Special Occasions

Find time to celebrate special occasions like your co-workers’ Birthdays, Employment Anniversaries, and Promotions. The office might have a full-on schedule most of the time, but throwing away parties are not only celebratory for the celebrants but the whole team/department as well.

You can assign groups who will take turns in planning and arranging the whole thing. That way, everyone gets to experience the fun and excitement of the process. The preparation is half of the entertainment. And, though you have to admit that not all of us are well-suited for it, you just have to take the challenge.

What’s important is that you can find a reason to gather together not only because of scheduled meetings, but to establish genuine relationships and actually enjoy each other’s company.


Establish Traditions

As co-workers, you spend most of your days together in the office, which gives you a lot of precious opportunities to build a special bond that only you can share. Establishing traditions can be a great thing to remind each other of your relationship beyond work.

For example, you can make your own Secret Santa rules during Christmas, or send each other surprise flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day by picking a Secret Valentine. Even if it’s not related to any typical occasion, it’s up to you, really.


Show Appreciation Creativelyshowing appreciation big quiz thing 3 meaningful ways have fun work

Without reaching to a point where your co-workers feel like you’re creepily noticing their actions, showing constant appreciation, and giving compliments in fun and creative ways can bring about positive effects in your work environment.

You can simply drop a sweet note, tie a balloon, or place a cupcake on a co-worker’s desk and you might be making someone’s day. It’s totally a meaningful way to make your workplace a festive and fun place, where everyone can still become productive with daily tasks.


TGIF Bonus Idea: Trivia Nights with The Big Quiz Thing

Do you love celebrating Friday nights with your workmates? How about a corporate trivia night with good food, cold drinks, loud music, and great people in one!

It does sound like an entertaining challenge. But trivia games are expected to be nothing but exciting amusement between groups of friends who have different personalities. Yet they come together as one for one goal: to have fun. 

Well, if fun is the word you’re looking for, that’s just the thing that The Big Quiz Thing is going to bring! Put a little competition in your parties and all kinds of celebrations. You can quickly contact their creative team for your big or small event coordination needs.