Author: Jeff Trumbull

Opting For The Short Sale Route – Selling Fire & Flood-Damaged Homes

Fire and flood-damaged homes can be a hard sell especially if you are selling it via traditional methods. In fact, it would be much easier for a house to be sold if it’s completely destroyed than partially damaged as insurance companies will at least partially compensate you based on the value of the property. On the other hand, insurance policies can be very tricky when it comes to dealing with water-damaged properties. Consider this: If a home in good condition will take months before it can be sold, how much more for a property that is ruined by fire...

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Entrepreneurs Creating Online Success Must Follow These Tips

Venturing into online business is scary knowing that established online businesses can easily outmatch you with SEO, PPC, SMM, and other types of marketing campaigns. However, some startup businesses still manage to thrive in the online landscape despite the growing competition. So what makes these businesses successful? If you’re interested to know more, then we suggest that you keep reading this entry about entrepreneurs creating online success must follow these tips and know what it takes to develop your small online business today. Passion The word itself is self-explanatory. If you are a budding entrepreneur and you lack the...

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Opt For Short Sale Now And Avoid Foreclosure

No individual could ever imagine that one day they’ll be facing the possibility of foreclosure. But due to the economic turndown combined with a crash in the real estate market, these factors have resulted in a number of homeowners to lose their homes unfortunately. Luckily, one solution that can very solve this ordeal is by means of a short sale. A short sale is a process where a delinquent homeowner will sell his house to an investor in the hope that they will recover what the homeowner owes after the house is sold. So if you’re interested in taking...

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Is It Practical To Sell Your Home For Money Without A Realtor?

Selling a house or any property for that matter usually requires the involvement of a real estate agent to go through the process seamlessly. However, it may not always be a practical move on your part as the homeowner since it often means taking certain steps before closing the deal (and not to mention, spending money as well for the repairs). Good thing there is another option of an all cash offer as you won’t need the services of a realtor to make the sale happen. But is this a viable option to take? Is it practical to sell...

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What To Do When Visiting Washington State

Washington State is the place to be for travelers and adventurers who want to experience the best things that nature has to offer. It is located in the Northwest region of the United States and it is home to some of the most awe-inspiring natural sceneries that you don’t usually find in other areas of the country. While some cities are renowned for other things like Seattle (the birthplace of Starbucks and Grunge Rock) and Olympia (mostly associated with its history with Native Americans), there are still some areas in the State where tourist and dedicated nature lovers will...

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