Author: Jeff Trumbull

A Basic Guide To Cryptocurrency Debit Cards

Debit cards with a tie up to cryptocurrency wallets offer an opportunity to use your digital coins like regular cash. At least for now, this is you the only way you make use of this currency as payment for your usual spendings. And a solution for countering the drawbacks of not being able to spend your crypto coins in your everyday life. But is it a feasible method of payment? What the future holds for crypto cards? Get to know more about this as we are going to dig a bit deeper into this topic about cryptocurrency debit cards...

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7 Brilliant Ways To Use Business Cards For Marketing

Welcome the year 2020 with a boost to your marketing strategies. If you’re thinking about how business cards can help you increase your business success, then you’re asking the perfect question in your head. Old-school? Yes. Is it proven and tested? Yes to that, too! Regardless of how long you have already been running your business, there are a lot of ways for you creatively use business cards for marketing your brand. And, you can bump the number in your sales chart as well. But, before we get to that, you have to know how essential this marketing strategy...

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Facts You Need To Know Before Buying A Life Insurance

Perhaps you may have pondered on this question at some point: “Is having a life insurance a good investment?” And if you are strongly considering to get insured or have a family member insured today, then you are making the right choice because this is a good way of protecting yourself and your loved ones from the unexpected. But before committing to a life insurance plan, we suggest that you read further this entry as choosing a life policy involves tough and expensive responsibilities on your part. So read more as we are going to tackle some of the...

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Things You Need To Know Before You Enroll In A Cybersecurity Academy This 2020?

Hacking is a word that is commonly associated with nefarious online activities. And since the threat in information security is being compromised more frequently these days, the demand for certified IT security professionals is getting more popular than it was before. These individuals are schooled in the latest developments about cybersecurity so they can capably defend an organization against security breaches caused by hackers and cyberterrorists. In fact, companies are more than willing to pay more to have these people protect their data and remove any vulnerabilities in their system. So if you want to be a certified cybersecurity...

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What Does It Mean To Do Ethical Hacking?

In today’s society, the word “hacking” often has a negative connotation. In fact, images of unauthorized access on computers, compromising PC security, and online theft immediately come into mind whenever we hear or read this word. Surely enough, most of us will agree that the act of hacking is unethical. But did you know that there is also a method of hacking that is morally acceptable, especially by IT experts? Yes, there is! And this act is called ethical hacking. If you want to know more, then we suggest that you keep reading this entry as we are going...

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