Most businesses know that the storefront particularly, the point of entry defines the overall impression of the customer about the company. In addition to creating a professional aesthetic on the exterior, using the right kind of door will help impress the customers the moment they walk into the building. Therefore, every entry door must be carefully chosen to help boost the image of the company.

So this leads us to this question: “Which type of door should I use?” There are 2 options available today and these are the automatic door and the manual door… But which one is better?

If you are contemplating on this idea in your head right now, then we suggest that you go on reading as we are going to compare some facts of having automated entry doors as well as manual doors in this article and help you decide which one is better to use.manual door maintenance

What Manual Doors Can Offer To You?

Less Maintenance – Manual doors don’t require electric power to operate.  Therefore, you won’t have to worry about letting the customers in and out in times of power outage. In other words, people won’t have to be stuck in and customers can still access your company even if there’s an electrical shutdown.

However, the takeaway on installing manual doors is in the nature of the operation itself: you have to open it manually. This might pose a challenge to people who are carrying things while getting inside and even elderlies and disabled customers who want avail of the product or service you are offering.

Individualized Security – The thing about having manual doors is that you can customize the security features according to your needs. Sure it will enhance the safety and security of your company, but you will also have to allot additional expenses just to have these devices installed and doors will still have to be opened manually.

Exudes A “Home-Like” Ambiance – Small business can benefit more from this aspect since they want to create a home-like appeal to its clients. Yet, some people would assume that since the door is not automated, the entire office and its equipment are also outdated.

So How Can Automatic Doors Fare Over The Competition

Energy Efficiency – An automatic door opens and closes only when needed. And this is because they have infrared sensors which trigger the mechanism of the door to open or close whenever someone is going to pass through.

Of course, it may not function during power outages, but the possibility of leaving the door accidentally opened and let the heating out (during winter) or the AC out (during summer) will be avoided once and for all.

Better Security – Although automatic doors are made of glass, they are extremely durable in protecting your interior from harsh elements outside. And like manual doors, customized security features can also be installed so you can lock or unlock a door when you need to minus the need for manual opening and closing.

automatic manual door security

Greater Accessibility – Automatic doors are designed to let anyone in and out easily regardless if these individuals are physically challenged or are carrying something.

Modern Appeal – Research suggests that people are overwhelmed if they see advanced equipment inside an office or commercial establishment. They will subconsciously think that your business is an industry leader because you are already using modern contraptions and that you are professional with all your dealings with your customers.

In turn, people will perceive your company as one of the elites which helps improve your business image and the odds of attracting more customers.

Final Verdict

We recognize the fact that every company is different, and that the needs of the business are also different. But judging from the facts stated above, we can say that installing an automatic door will be a smarter choice since it gives more benefits to the business and its customers in terms of convenience, accessibility, security, overall appeal, and improving the company’s image.