Selecting the best accountant for your eCommerce business is a complex process. To be specific, he or she must possess the technical skills to get the job done while having the capacity to evolve as your business grows at the same time. And as your online store goes through predictable stages from time to time, you need to find the right fit regardless of where you are now in the development process.

Learn more as we are going to tackle the stages in choosing an eCommerce accountant for your online selling business as well as the benefits these professionals can bring to the table as you scale up.


What Are The Benefits Of Having The Right eCommerce Accountant?

If your online business is relatively small and you’re earning a modest profit, then you’ll need an accountant so you can get to the next step of development. This professional is not only entitled to look after your financial standing, but they should also be proactive in giving expert advice so you can use it to succeed in business.

In addition, handing over your finances to an accounting partner is more practical since it saves you money in the long run. And it takes away the pressures of stress and time as well.


So How To Determine If The Accountant Is The ‘Right Fit’ For Your eCommerce Business?

finding right accountant

Most financial experts agree that there are 6 key areas to consider when choosing an accountant to partner with. So let’s take a look at these key areas below:

Check If They Are Qualified First – Go through their certifications to see if they are accredited and qualified to provide accounting services in your country. And also try to find out the kind of accounting cloud software they are using like Xero, Quickbooks, and Sage as this will also verify their status as a certified accountant.

Services Offered – Don’t hesitate to ask the coverage of the accounting service they are offering so you will know if they have what it takes to help you grow in business. Some questions to ask are the following:

  • Can their services satisfy your business needs now?
  • Can they customize their service as your business will scale?
  • Can they handle payroll if you are going to hire employees?

Aside from that, make sure they are updated with the international reporting requirements so they can assist you in with overseas sales.

Software Used – Try to find out if their accounting software is capable of generating real-time information and integrate your sales channels. Aside from that, their accounting software should provide automatic backups and free updates as well as instant account access anytime and anywhere.

Experience – You need to work with an accountant who has experience of working with a similar sized online business so you’ll be confident that they can handle the job you are expecting from them.

Recommendations – Take time to go through online reviews and see if they are well recommended by their previous customers. Or better yet, talk to somebody who has tried their accounting services before and find out if it’s really worth to invest in this accounting firm or not.

Budget Considerations – Lastly, once you’ve gathered all the information you need for hiring a certified eCommerce accountant, you also have to consider the amount of money to spend on acquiring their quality accounting service. So try to weigh in the pros and cons of hiring your chosen firm and ensure that the fees for their premium services are suitably justified.

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