As the eCommerce industry continues to develop, the customer expectations also grow. And this produces a new challenge for online entrepreneurs to exceed these expectations to achieve customer satisfaction.

Now, part of this challenge is the optimization of backend operations to ensure a seamless process from packaging to delivery.

As more and more companies continue to enhance their fulfillment operations, you also have to do the necessary actions to maintain excellent customer experience and ensure your business will remain competitive at least for the next 2 to 3 years.

Here are the most popular trends in e-fulfillment that you need to consider to improve the backend system of your business.

Augmented Realityhea

businesswoman e fulfillment popular trendsFirst on this list of the most popular trends in e-fulfillment is the use of augmented reality.

To meet the demand for fast and free service, shippers are obliged to speed up the entire logistics and order fulfillment process.

So we recommend that you consider integrating augmented technology into your business. In fact, top companies like DHL have already adapted AR into their supply chain.

And the implementation of this technological trend has helped pickers get into the right place and acquire the correct product with greater accuracy.

Change Of Focus On Mobile Technology And Development

Ecommerce businesses that don’t apply the use of mobile technology to reach out customers are bound to fail soon.

So you also need to shift your fulfillment strategy and consider the use of mobile technology as customers demand support anytime.

Hence, you need to have a website and apps to further optimize your customer’s mobile experience.

Shift To More Sustainable Operations

Today’s modern shoppers are so discriminating to the point that they won’t do business with a company that does not promote a sustainable future. So you should be aware of this change in outlook and consider using green technologies whenever applicable and increase operational visibility as well.

Emphasize Real-Time Analytics

The practice of reviewing historical data is already obsolete as most eCommerce businesses are using real-time data to help them make informed decisions. The updated the information you have, the more efficient your fulfillment process will become.

Increased Outreach And Customer Engagement

business charts e fulfillment popular trendsAnd finally on this list of the most popular trends in e-fulfillment is your willingness to reach out and engage your customers in new and unique ways. Don’t just be content with the traditional email marketing because today’s consumers want to have constant engagement with businesses even without experiencing any issues.

As a result, your company needs to develop a “pro-customer attitude” and be more helpful with their concerns regardless if they doing an inquiry or is asking more information about the whereabouts of their order.

In doing so, your business will drive more sales and gain more edge among your competitors.