The success in marketing requires a careful understanding of the methods that make a campaign thrive versus the things that cause it to wither out. With that being said, the combination of creative techniques and a good product that draw sales is what makes Direct Response Television a dominant player in the marketing landscape.

But what really makes DRTV a good alternative to traditional advertising? To be specific, what are techniques being followed by Direct Response Television companies to execute a successful campaign for most of the time?

Read more as we are going to share the 10 effective and creative marketing tactics that most DRTV agencies follow in today’s entry.


Details Matter

Most DRTV agencies will always see to it that sufficient time is provided to all the important parts of the marketing campaign. In short, they emphasize on the opening part (which is usually the first 20 to 30 seconds of the ad) to capture the interest of the prospect buyers, making sure that the viewers see the value of the advertised product through the call to action statement, and providing a guarantee to the prospects since these products are not normally offered in stores.


The Campaign Strategy Is Matched To The Product Or Brand

Infomercial companies are very keen on the product they are going to sell. If the product is unbranded and new, then they provide rich information with a method of hard selling. However, if the product is branded and already recognizable to people, then they usually provide imagination rich information with a method of soft selling.


They Highlight The Product’s Selling Point

DRTV is effective because they make use of marketing elements that will surely sell the product to its customers like making dramatic money shots, demonstrating how the product is used, and magic transformation technique (ex. before and after photos) to come up with a great marketing pitch.


They Recognize The Fact That Entertainment Is Not Enough


DRTV companies understand that people won’t make major purchases in a heartbeat. So they utilize the power of applied intellect and emotion while presenting the product to the audience in an entertaining way.


They Focus On The Benefits Of The Product And They Will Always Include Scientific Facts And Customer Testimonials

Finally, the campaigns created by DRTV agencies never steer away from the important details, and these are the beneficial aspects of the product that’s being advertised. After all, any campaign that veers away from this objective is a total waste of time for the consumers.

In the same manner, consumers need validation before making a purchase. So infomercial companies will always include scientific facts about how the product works and how it can make the customer’s life better. They also show testimonials of people who have already purchased and used the product to create a sense of “consumer connection” (so to speak) and entice prospects to buy and try the product for themselves.