Are you going outside your house to run some errands this summer season? Then, you also have to make sure that your car is in good condition to prevent break downs on the road.

While it’s pretty obvious that we can’t do our usual summertime activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, taking care of your car is still essential to prepare your vehicle for any undertakings that you must do despite the ongoing health crisis.

So take time to read today’s guide as we are going to share the top 5 essential car maintenance tips for the summer season and ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape, especially if you’re going to use it during emergencies.


Check Your Tires

Car safety always begins a good tire check. After all, your (and your family’s) safety relies on these car parts, literally. Tires are susceptible to wear and tear, so it’s highly recommended to check on them before heading to the road.

First, make sure all the 4 tires are correctly inflated as under inflation will result in wearing of the treads while over inflation will lead to tire expansion and bursting. And even if the tires won’t give out, over inflation can interfere with braking. So be sure the tires have at 32 psi pressure before using your car.

And as part of essential maintenance tips you have to follow, make sure the tires have equal amount of pressure as well to maintain balance while driving.


Inspect The ‘Check Engine Light’ And Fix It If Needed

This is one of the most common issues that you are likely to experience while driving your car. The ‘Check Engine Light’ indicates whether your vehicle is in good condition or not. Yet, it does not tell you the exact cause of the mechanical issue.

So make it a point to inspect the ‘Check Engine Light’ and fix it if needed to avoid getting stranded and possibly facing costly repairs in the future.


Engine Oil Change

The engine oil serves as the “lifeblood” of your vehicle as it not only lubricates internal parts, but it also prevents corrosion and cools the engine at the same time.

So it’s also highly recommended to change the oil regularly and check all other fluids as well to avoid engine failure while driving to your point of destination.


Keep Your Car Clean Before And After Use

summer maintenance car

And as part of the safety procedures, you are also required to observe sanitizing your car before and after use. This is crucial to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and reduce the risk of infecting your family at home.

What you need to do is to clean the high contact areas (doors, door handles, steering wheel, etc.) with a disinfecting solution then to be followed by thorough vacuuming of the seats and spraying of an aerosol sanitizer inside the car.


Get Your Car Checked By The Professionals

And finally on this list of essential car maintenance tips, we also advise you to set up an overall vehicle inspection before heading out of a summer drive.

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