A typical picture of domestic abuse is that of a woman who is badly bruised and crying on the floor as she was seriously battered and beaten by her husband or boyfriend.  And without a doubt, this image conveys a strong message about the effects of violence in a household. But the truth is, domestic abuse is more than just physical for the violence to be committed can also come in the form of emotional, financial, and even invasion of privacy.

Learn more as we will explore the different kinds of domestic violence that are happening to some homes in today’s entry.

Physical Abuse

Most of us can agree that physical abuse is the most common form of domestic violence. And according to counselors, physical violence is any type of physical behavior or aggression that is committed to another person.

Likewise, it can also be described as an indirect action or behavior that can physically harm another individual such as suppressing the physical needs of another person, threat of abuse, and etc.

Sexual Abuse

Of course, this type of violence will come as a close second to physical abuse. Sexual abuse is the means of exploiting another person’s will through sex. And some common examples are as follows: using physical force to have sex with the victim, emotional manipulation through guilt, making sexual remarks against a loved one, and making sexual advances. Aside from that, false accusations of infidelity can also fall under this category.

Controlling Behavior

This can also be referred to as manipulative behavior. And it’s often described as a way to uphold dominance over the victim through physical manipulation. More often than not, it often starts as a loving gesture, but it will soon grow to be more pervasive over time.

Some examples of domestic abuse through controlling behavior is being too possessive towards a loved one, not giving them the freedom to choose what to wear, and making use of the children’s victim to control them by hurting the kids, sexually abusing them, and the likes.

Emotional Abuse

abused woman

This kind of domestic abuse is often done but rarely recognized since it’s not typically considered as a form of violence. The actions insulting, threatening, brainwashing, controlling, creating confusion, bullying, and attacking self-worth or self-esteem to humiliate a loved one are considered as forms of domestic emotional abuse.

Verbal Abuse

This type of abuse is any verbal interaction that can hurt a loved one like blaming, threatening, causing coercion, using profane language to embarrass or degrade, and humiliating in front of others.

Financial Abuse

This kind of abuse is defined as making use of economic resources (both material and monetary) to control and manipulate the victim.

Invasion Of Privacy

And finally, this kind of domestic violence can be committed by a loved one or someone else. Invasion of privacy is any conduct that violates the “personal space” of another person through unreasonable means. The most common of which is stalking. But it can also be caused by a family member if he or she will intentionally invade your privacy just to hurt you.

If you want to make donations to shelters for abused women, you can go to Platinum Charities’ website for more information.