Whether you are shooting some rounds on the range, hunting game with your friends, or doing police work on the field, the aspect of safety should ways be considered first above all else. And in order to uphold firearms safety at all times, certain rules have to be followed.

Learn more about this as we are going to tackle the rules you have to know when handling a gun in today’s blog post.

pointed safe direction firearm safety

Always Keep The Gun’s Muzzle Pointed At A Safe Direction

This is the most basic rule in firearms safety. In other words, never point the gun at anything unless you intend to shoot it. To ensure that this rule is followed, make it a habit point the muzzle on the ground until you are ready to fire again.

Your Gun Should Be Unloaded When Not In Use

Make it a point to unload your gun after every use. Likewise, check the chamber if it still contains ammunition.

Don’t Always Rely On The Firearm’s ‘Safety’ Mechanism

The safety of the firearm only serves as a supplementary tool. So never assume that your gun will not fire just because you switched the ‘safety’ on.

Be Sure Of The Target And Whatever Is Behind It

Don’t shoot at anyone or anything unless you know where the bullet will strike. Most of the time the bullet will penetrate the target (or can also be deflected to another direction after penetration), so make sure no one gets injured after hitting your target.

Use The Correct Ammo

Loading the wrong ammunition can damage a firearm and cause it to malfunction. So take time to read the instruction manual to be sure you are loading the right ammunition.

Handle With Care If The Gun Misfires After Pulling The Trigger

If the bullet fails to come out after pulling the trigger, point the firearm in a safe spot, put your head away from the gun’s breech, open the action carefully, and lodge out the cartridge safely.firing direction firearm safety

Always Wear Gear

Wear protective glasses, some form of vision protection, and earplugs (if necessary) to protect your eyes and ears from target chips, falling shot, twigs, and firearm malfunction.

Have Your Firearm Serviced Regularly And Don’t Do Any Modifications That Jeopardize Its Functionality

And probably the most important thing you have to know about firearms safety is to have your gun serviced or subject to periodical inspection to ensure proper function.

Furthermore, don’t do any modifications that might alter the firearm’s performance and possibly put yourself and others into danger. And unless you are qualified to do such modifications, you are not recommended to make any changes as this can also void your firearm’s warranty.

If you’re looking for a gun range that offers firearms safety training in Texas, please visit Texas Gun Club’s website for more information.