A high-quality leather bag is a good investment. And while they’re quite expensive, they can remain in good shape for many years even if you’re using it every day.

And just like other leather items, proper use and care are essential to prevent the leather from drying and cracking. In the same manner, it also protects the material from excessive moisture which can cause the leather to have mildew or swell out.

Read more as we are going to provide you with some useful tips on how to take care of men’s leather bags and make sure your quality handmade piece will remain reliable every time you use it.


Follow These Tips To Treat Your Leather Bag Right

leather care tipsUse Protective Care Products For Your Leather Bag – First off, we recommend that you apply a protective product (moisture or dirt repellent) to ensure your bag won’t get wet and dirty when exposed to the elements. These products work by creating a protective layer around the bag so you can use it much longer.

Of course, the effects of these products won’t last long. So you’ll have to redo the process regularly at last 2 to 3 times a year.

Wiping The Material With A Damp Cloth – Take a slightly damp piece of cloth and wipe your leather bag gently. Do this every day before use, but make sure to set it aside first to dry before using.

Please do take note, don’t use any soap products as these products can damage the quality of leather and cause it to crack over time. And more importantly, don’t a soggy cloth as excess water can also cause men’s leather bags to form mildew, which can also ruin the quality of the bag.

Keep Your Bag Away From Direct Sunlight As Much As PossibleProlonged exposure to direct sunlight can also damage your bag as the rays contain ultraviolet (UV) light which can cause the natural color of the leather to fade out a lose its aesthetic appeal.

But if in case you can avoid using your bag under the heat of the sun, then it’s recommended that you apply a leather conditioner or protective care product first and place your bag under the shade for most the time. Also, refrain from using your leather bag when going out on the beach and use another bag instead as saltwater can ‘dehydrate’ the leather material and cause it to crack.

Avoid The Heater – Placing your bag near the heater for a long time can also dry out the leather quickly. So this is also not recommended as it makes the material less supple and looking ‘lifeless’. Even if your bag got wet due to heavy rain, it’s better to let the bag dry out natural under room temperature than to put it near the heater.

Stains Removal – And lastly, stains on men’s leather bags are very common if you are very careful. So the best way of removing these strains is to pat the affected area with a cotton cloth or tissue first and then wipe gently it with a damp cloth. Don’t put too much pressure while wiping as it will only cause the stain to penetrate into the leather.

Once done, just set it aside and allow it to dry naturally at room temperature.

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