Some people think of movie stars as special people who are worthy of our praise and admiration. Yet, others also see them as normal people who eat, sleep, and feel just like the rest of us. More often than not, their social status tends to eclipse their human tendencies to the point that we only notice their flawlessness, ageless beauty, and tremendous talent. But the best way of knowing your celebrity idol is by getting to know some aspect of their personality, particularly their quirky and whimsical side that is not often seen in the spotlight.

So take time to read this post as we are going to tackle some of the crazy and unbelievable facts about movie celebrities.

Here we go…

Tom Hanks Is An Avid Collector Of Vintage Typewriters

The award-winning actor is mostly known for his role in “Saving Private Ryan” as Captain Miller and “Forrest Gump” as the titular character. And though he has gained fame and fortune, he is also just a simple man who loves to collect things, particularly collecting vintage typewriters. In fact, he has at least 100 vintage typewriters in his collection.

And the crazy thing about his hobby is that he does not only collect these relic machines for display, but he also featured his collection in his short stories featuring each of his typewriters to demonstrate his passion for his collection.

J Timberlake’s Mother Became Ryan Gosling’s Legal Guardian

Both known to be alumni of the hit Disney TV show “Mickey Mouse Club”, Ryan’s mother had to make arrangements when they were taping the show for she had to go to Canada at that time. So Justin’s mom had to be appointed as legal guardian of “The Notebook” actor and he had to live with the former N’Sync frontman for 6 months until the taping was completed.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Chose His Own Name By Kicking Her Mom

The “Titanic” star is considered as one of the most successful matinee idols of the modern era. And his name is obviously named after the famed painter (Leonardo Da Vinci). But did you know he actually chose his own name when he was still in his mother’s womb?

When his mother was pregnant, she was in the process of selecting a name for her child while staring at Da Vinci’s painting in an art gallery in Florence. And at that same moment, “The Wolf of Wall Street” star kicked for the 1st time, and the rest is history.

Ryan Gosling And His Boy Band Connection

The next entry on this list of movie trivia is a follow-up to Ryan Gosling’s days as a teen idol. Of course, we’ve already mentioned that he lived with Justin Timberlake for half a year and Justin eventually became a member of the boy band N’Sync. But did you know Ryan almost became a boy band member too?

Apparently, the “Blade Runner 2049” actor also lived with AJ McLean (a member of the Backstreet Boys) later on and he was even offered to be a member of the 90’s hit band. But surprisingly, he turned down the offer as he wanted to concentrate more on acting.

Rebel Wilson’s Healthy Hallucination

Rebel’s reason for starting out a career in acting is quite weird considering she had to catch malaria just to make her realize she has what it takes to become an actress.

The “Pitch Perfect” actress’s life-turning moment happened during her visit to South Africa. According to her, she contacted malaria during this trip and she experienced episodes of hallucination, one of which, seeing herself winning an Oscar trophy. This was due to the medications she took. Nevertheless, she took this “vision” seriously and started a real-life pursuit to become a Hollywood actress.

Dennis Quaid’s Dancing Skills

Dennis William Quaid may be associated with comedic and dramatic roles, but only a few know he’s a talented ballet dancer. According to “The Rookie” and “Dragonheart” actor, he took ballet classes at UH or the University of Houston. And he even said he loves doing it because it’s an “incredible workout”.

No wonder why he was able to dance gracefully with Julia Roberts when they had a dance scene in the movie “Something to Talk About”.

Nicolas Cage Screen Name

nicholas cage

Nicolas Cage may already be able to establish his name as one of the best in showbiz, but unbeknownst to many the “National Treasure” and “Leaving Las Vegas” star is actually related to Francis Ford Coppola, the director of the academy award-winning movie “The Godfather”, with Nicolas Kim Coppola as his real name.

And even though the Coppola surname is already considered royalty in the business, Nicolas decided to use a screen name to prove that he can make it without relying on his famous relatives.

What’s pretty amazing is the fact that his screen name is based on a Marvel character that has recently gained popularity due to his show on Netflix: Luke Cage.

Emily Blunt Once Suffered From Stuttering

The “Edge of Tomorrow” and “Sicario” actress had a fluency and speech disorder when she was a kid. And this condition was so debilitating that it prevented her from holding any conversation.

Fortunately, her teacher suggested that she’d participate in a school play and her stammering was miraculously healed after that.

Christopher Walken And His Lion Taming Days

If there’s such a thing as the most dangerous and scariest pre-fame jobs, then Christopher Walken might be considered as a top contender. The “Pulp Fiction” and “Sleepy Hollow” actor had an odd job of being an assistant to a circus lion tamer when he was 16 years old. And he applied for this job when he found it in a newspaper.

Jennifer Lawrence And Her Not-So Rebellious Tattoo

And for the final entry, let’s talk about one of the most popular Hollywood A-listers we have today – Jennifer Lawrence.

Apparently, the “Hunger Games” actress is so keen on staying hydrated at all times. So she decided to ink a tattoo on her hand to remind her to drink water always. And this tattoo was just a simple “H2O”.

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