Whether your sports team is just starting out or large and already established, the process of choosing a fundraising platform is not an easy task. Certain considerations have to be met in order to have the right outfit that will truly help your team to excel.

And in line with this thought, some questions are also raised as to finding the best online fundraising app that can satisfy your needs and provide the right amount of support that your team needs.

So in this entry, we are going to tackle some common questions to ask before having a unique fundraising platform along with the corresponding answers to expand the fundraising efforts your sports team.

  1. What is the purpose of getting an online fundraising app?

The answer to this question seems very obvious, and that is to use an app or software that will be able to help raise money for your team. However, different teams have different goals. And the unique fundraising platform of your choice must align with the goals of your sports organization.

Whether you are looking for sponsors to provide cash donations or try to reach out to fans across the country through live online streaming, your app must fulfill its intended purpose.

  1. What is the budget of your sports team?

Setting up a budget is also an important consideration. But, if you’re looking to spend less or nothing at (if you are a small sports team) then we recommend that you check out fundraising platforms that don’t require initial payment.

A good example of this is Virtual Fan Video as they offer subscriptions and live streams of sports events to reach out to your biggest fans at no upfront cost. So basically, you can start raising money with this app risk free and with no initial spend whatsoever.

  1. What is the process of raising money?

For apps that are accepting donations, the process is pretty straightforward. But it also requires you to provide that app that will offer an easy and seamless process for your benefactors or you might not be able to attract more donors in the process.using mobile app questions ask having fundraising platform

If you want to have a more efficient way of raising money, then we suggest you choose an app with a revenue share model like Virtual Fan Video. In short, any proceeds from the subscriptions and live streams will be divided between you and the app developer you won’t have to worry on looking for donors to fund your team.

  1. Is the online fundraising app responsive?

And lastly, you need to ensure that the unique fundraising platform of choice is compatible with desktop PCs, mobile phones, and tablets. Otherwise, if it’s not then the benefactors of your team would have to deal with a difficult process of providing financial support.

Virtual Fan Video is absolutely responsive and compatible with PCs and mobile devices so that fans that are located elsewhere will be able to watch your team’s event in real time. Plus, the app is easy to manage and deploy and it also allows fans to playback and download recorded streams if they want to.

Use these questions in choosing the best online fundraising tool for your sports team.