Custom outdoor banners are effective in advertising your business. In fact, it probably is the most effective method of promoting your brand to the people. And considering the fact that it’s not used very often, you need to ensure that your banner design will be eye-catching and hard-to-miss so that everyone will be able to notice it right away.

But what makes a perfect custom banner? What are the things you need to consider in order to have a unique design that will be as striking and noticeable at first glance?

If you’re interested to know more about this, then we advise that you keep on reading as we are going to talk about the elements of an excellent custom outdoor banner in today’s entry.


Banner Placement

The first thing you have to think about, above all else, is where you intend to place your banner. Although, it seems like we are working backwards here, but banner placement will most likely affect the color schemes that you are going to use, even the entire banner design to some extent.

Basically, the colors of your banner should contrast to its intended placement so that people will be able to notice it immediately.

Choose A Design That Is ‘You’

Next, the design of your custom outdoor banner must accurately represent what your company is and what your business is all about. See to it that it captures all the things that can somehow give an overview about your business (business name, logo, slogan. etc.) in a visual sense so that viewers will be able to have an idea of what you can offer to them just by looking at it.

Choose Color Schemes That People Will Eventually Label As Your Own

There’s nothing wrong by checking out the banners of your competitors because this will also help you in creating your own unique design. As much as possible, try to stay away from color schemes that your competitors have already use as this will only remind people of your competition rather than your own company.

Instead, pick a color scheme which the people can identify as your company’s colors so that they’ll be able to label it as your own the more they are exposed to it.

Large Text Plays A Huge Role In Sending Your Message To The People

sending message ad elements excellent custom outdoor banner

Banners are made for a purpose, and that is to get the attention of the people from a distance. So make sure the texts are large and readable so you can relay your message clearly to everybody.

Likewise, select a readable font and make it bold as possible to emphasize your point.

Provide A Catchy One-Liner

And lastly, your custom outdoor banner must also include a catchy one-liner message. The wittier the phrase, the more it draws interest to the onlookers. And once you get them interested, then they’ll surely want to check out the other details being shown in your advertising display.

Likewise, including this element will also help the people to remember you even better as this one-liner will be embedded in their brains and will likely associate it with your business the moment they recall it.

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