One factor that is often considered when digging a trench is the stand-up time. Basically, this aspect refers to the period or amount of time a trench can last from the time it is dug up to the time that the wall surfaces will begin to collapse.

The length of stand-up time will depend on many things like the depth of the trench, the type of soil in the area, the moisture content of the soil, the weather, and even the activities in the surrounding area which can affect the integrity of the wall surfaces. If these elements are ideal, the trench could last long, but if not, then it could collapse in just seconds especially if there’s no trench box used to act as additional support.

Learn more as we are going to tackle ways in which trench boxes can increase construction safety and efficiency.

Increased Safety For The Workers

Among the most significant advantages of a trench shield is to improve the stability of the surrounding trench walls (and the trench entirely) so that workers can do the excavation safely and securely.

Despite the enhancement of security protocols in most construction firms, trench job remains as one of the potentially harmful duties to do. In the United States alone, hundreds of utility workers are injured because of trench cave-ins. And one of the main reasons why these accidents occur is because they failed to install a trench box while they perform their trench-digging activities.

Specially-designed boxes such as trench shields act as protection and defense to lessen the risk involved during excavating. Once these boxes are installed, workers are saved from the possibility of being trapped during cave-ins or be seriously injured in times of trench wall collapse.

Of course, mishaps can happen but having these boxes will less likely expose the workers to possible serious work-related injuries.

Adhere To Regulation And Safety Standards

It’s typical for government authorities to set safety regulations. And construction companies must comply with these standards to ensure the employees’ safety in the workplace.

Installing a safety system like that of a trench shield will be beneficial to the company and its employees because the design of these boxes is standardized to meet the industry’s regulations.

Moreover, all trench boxes are made to satisfy the deepness score rules. In other words, these boxes are designed to withstand the force being imposed for a possible collapse to occur (most boxes can sustain LEP or lateral earth pressures of up to 35kN/m2).

Registered engineers can easily identify the deepness score of these boxes and will give their mark of approval to certify that it is safe for use.

Once safety measures are met, the government will give their approval so that the construction company can continuously operate on business.

Other Benefitsinstalling trench box

Lastly, here are the main features of a trench box/trench shield that can contribute to the enhanced safety and efficiency in the construction area:

  • It offers a quick and efficient solution for ground support.
  • It is also ideal for rapid shoring of trenches.
  • Its modular struts can be easily adjusted.
  • The struts are also pinned to allow easy adjustment.
  • The entire system can be able to withstand different kinds of ground anxiety.
  • It’s also cost-effective.

Final Word

A trench box is a vital tool in the construction area to keep the workers safe as they perform their excavation duties. Not only can it enhance the safety aspect, but it can also motivate the workers to be more efficient at their work knowing that the risk of a possible trench collapse is averted.