What you must know about the best IT Companies in the US?

Working in a computer company in the United States, which offers both a comfortable salary, an exciting job, and participation in large profits can often be difficult and complicated regarding the economic and digital ecosystem. Many people still wondering what are the best IT Companies in the US. To help you find your way around, we will use the Glassdoor ranking, which specialized in Database Management based on job satisfaction, stress levels, the ability to telecommute, and the ability to work, as well as the importance of the salary.

The Best High Tech Companies in United States According to the Glassdoor Ranking

In the ranking of the best American IT companies. Google and Facebook giants are on the first ranks, for the way they adapt to the computer ecosystem, and the working conditions they offer to their employees. And above all, the work atmosphere is pleasant, according to the ranking of Glassdoor.

The Giants of the Silicon Valley



Google intervenes specifically in the Internet sector, with a median annual salary of $ 140,000, the giant of Mountain View in California obtains a job satisfaction rate of 86% from its employees. We understand why Google dethroned the number 1 of the previous ranking, Facebook. Google is known worldwide for the many benefits it offers to its employees, including free and unlimited buffets, 24-hours computer support, on-site massages, fitness classes and a variety of holidays.



While Amazon dominates the LinkedIn ranking of the most attractive companies in 2017, and quite interesting in terms of wages. In the business of the richest man in the world, the median income amounts to 28,446 dollars. The group is garnering a growing share of its profits in IT and multiplies initiatives in future fields such as artificial intelligence. Which makes him a giant of e-commerce. To run his business, he needs tens of thousands of small hands to unload trucks and make millions of orders every day. And these employees are as well paid in the other delivery companies.



Glassdoor indicate that on an annual basis, employees of this company receive 25 % discount on the price of a Macbook, an iPod or an iPad. Every three years, they can receive a $ 250 discount on an iPad or $ 500 on a Mac. Apple software is at least 50%. Family members and friends of employees can also get other discounts on products sold by the company. In addition, Apple allows mothers to take four weeks of paid leave before birth and 14 weeks after delivery. Parents who have not given birth can receive six weeks of paid leave.

Not to mention the beer evenings, during which employees can drink and eat for free, with guest musical artists including Stevie Wonder, Demi Lovato, and OneRepublic who have all performed at these almost traditional events.


But not everyone can get a great job at the pillars of Silicon Valley, who get 4.4 and 4.5 stars out of five respectively. However, there are some lesser-known companies that are just as appealing!

In addition to the top three companies in which information technology plays a central role, there are: Amazon, Nvidia, Adobe, Salesforce, Qualcomm, NetApp, Autodesk, Intel and Juniper, Lenovo, whose Remuneration may range from $ 5969 to $ 4648.

The development of information and communication technologies, immerses the individual in an “ecosystem” which is designed to facilitate his multiple uses. In this regard, Americans and U.S companies are developing a dual strategy. As Saturn attracts around it, they buy companies that break through and that could represent a threat or a development, then invest as much as possible in the human potential. That’s what makes companies like Google, eBay and Apple the best IT Companies in US. American domination, so firmly thought and constructed, is not definitely not about to weaken.

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