Seattle is a city in Washington which is at the west coast of US. In 2018 there were about 725,000 residents according to the census conducted. It is also known as “The Emerald City”, “The Rain City” and “The Jet City”.

It is one of the fastest developing cities in the US thereby creating more job opportunities for job seekers. They provide very good salaries, health benefits and an excellent workspace.

Here are some of the best companies to work for in Seattle:



Amazon is an cloud computing and an E-commerce company led by one of the richest CEOs in the planet today, Jeff Bezos. It is located in Seattle, Washington. It is the largest and biggest Internet retailer in terms of market capitalization and revenue.It ranks 2nd in terms of total sales following Alibaba at no 1.

When you compare the rates between Amazon and different websites you will find Amazon the cheapest in many products. Their products price point is something worth checking out. If you become a regular user of Amazon, they provide you with special offers and discounts.


Avanade is the leading provider of cloud services, innovative digital services, design led experience and business with the help of Microsoft ecosystem.

Perkins Coie

It is a reputed international law firm located at Seattle, Washington. It was built from ground up and was founded in the year 1912. It is the largest and oldest law firm in Pacific Northwest. It is further branched to 19 different offices located across Asia and United states. It represents corporate as well as political clients.


It is an American company. They consists a chain of many department stores. Apart from Seattle, Washington, it is also located in Puerto Rico and Canada. It started as a shoe retailer and expanded itself to include handbags, clothing accessories, cosmetics, jewellery and fragrance in their inventory.


It is also an American based company. It manufactures supercomputers. It also creates system for analytics and data
storage. You can visit their site by clicking this link here.

Tableau Software

It is a core software company located in Seattle. It creates Interactive data for visualization of products. It commercialized it’s research, which was successfully conducted at the Stanford University.

If you’re looking for a good tech company to work for in Santa Monica, California, visit Distillery Software Design and Development Company for more info.



Zillow group was found in 2006. It is an online real estate company that manages database. It was created by Lloyd Frink and Rich Barton. Zillow, inc has appointed Spencer Rascoff as the current CEO.


Zulily provides exclusive offer deals for babies, mom, kids and men. Their flash sales can go up to 70% on clothing, toy decors and many more.

Virginia Mason

Virginia Mason has a total 470 number of doctors and 336 bed hospital.It also has a research center, 8 medical centers, cancer treatment facilities and more.


It is one of the largest international consulting firm and an independent actuarial. It has generated revenues up to
$838 million in the year 2014. Its primary business is consulting practices for benefits of employees, investment, healthcare, financial services and life insurance.

Moss Adams

This company is one of the top companies in public accounting firms which also provides tax, accounting and consulting services to private and public middle market enterprises.

The above mentioned companies are some of the brilliant companies with amazing CEOs that will provide you jobs based on your qualifications. So for all the jobseekers who are wishing to land a job in Seattle.

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