If you are planning to have office parties, it’s recommended that you plan some fun office trivia games. These games can keep everybody, including guests busy and entertained. And it is important that the office party is not only based on the usual gaming sessions. To be specific, the questions must be specifically designed to bright life into the occasion.

So we invite you to read further as we are going to share tips in creating fun and witty office trivia questions in today’s post.


Aim For A Reasonable Number Of Questions To Be Asked In The Game

You can gather as much as 20 questions, but make sure to only ask few questions to prevent the game from being ‘dragging’. A total of 10 questions will be long enough to keep the excitement during the entire game, but if you can ask fewer than 10 is still fine.

You can ask help from a colleague to help you choose the best office trivia game questions because a little brainstorming can go a long way.


Make It As Simple As Possible

The questions to be asked during the game should not be that hard to answer, nor it should require critical thinking from the participants. Instead, make questions as concise and specific as possible.

Of course, you can sprinkle some word clues here and there, but make sure the main thought of the question can be easily understood by both the players and the audience to maintain the fun factor of the game.

As for the answers, 1-word answers are recommended, but answers with 2 to 4 phrases are OK as long as it is done in moderation.


Don’t Dwell On The Boring And Obvious

office trivia

If you are hosting a trivia quiz inside the office, then you should not focus too much on topics about work and the corporate world. In the same way, don’t ask questions that are frequently asked in trivia games as this will only make the game predictable. And if that happens, then the trivia will not be as exciting as you expect.

So to avoid the feeling of boredom or monotony, you should be able to determine which questions should bring more excitement that the rest. Of course, you can inject a few questions in relation to your work, but make sure not to overdo it. Also be mindful of questions with pop culture references as they should recognizable with the audience that you have.

The whole point is to keep the game as fun and exhilarating so that everybody will be engaged all throughout the trivia session.


Be Consistent With The Number Of Answers

If you are going to ask questions in a multiple question format, make sure the number of choices is the same to avoid confusion. Aside from that, you should vary your punch line by putting funny answers (that can sometimes be right) along with the correct answer.


Have Fun And Be Merry

And finally, asking office trivia questions can only be fun and exciting if you know how to deliver it to your audience. So make sure to be jolly and happy at all times as the mood of the game is often dictated by the one who is hosting the occasion to keep everybody merry.