Instagram has become a visual, highly-targeted marketing channel for your product. As things stand, it has more than 800 million users globally. Marketers are keen to get acquainted with it for their businesses. With it, you can build a loyal audience which grows with your business. In fact, over 500 million Instagram followers browse this app every day.

However, like any other social network out there, a clever way to use Instagram is needed to see its true value. If you’re planning to grow your following in this social media platform, you need to utilize the best tactics and invest your time in it. This post will educate you on how to grow Instagram followers for your business.

Use and study quality hashtags

When it comes to social media, quality hashtags are quite important, especially on Instagram. We’ve explored hashtags many times and how they are essential. The right hashtag can easily expose your business image to a targeted and large audience. Also, it’s possible to visit and follow a hashtag because of its popularity. This means that hashtags can be your best bet to grow your followers.

gain instagram followers business set filter

Using the right filters on Instagram

You don’t have to pay attention only to keyword hashtags. There’s another important thing to look at. Using the right filters is quite important when it comes to Instagram. The Instagram followers respond to particular photo filters more constructively than others. For your engagement, using preferred filters will be an added advantage to your business. Here are examples of current popular filters on Instagram:
  • Normal
  • Juno
  • Clarendon
  • Ludwig
  • Lark

Post consistently

The more you post, the more followers and likes you get. Posting frequently influences the engagement rate and follower growth. It is advisable to post at least one time a day or seven times a week. Such profiles gain more followers faster. Ensure you double your followers by posting consistently on Instagram. Let your brand reach the targeted audience easily and quickly to get better results.

Try Stories, Videos, and Live Videos

These features help your Instagram account to attract more followers. Live videos and stories on brands usually engage many fans hence grow their following. An average engagement of videos has gained popularity when than an average engagement for images. Also, more than 300 million people browse and use Instagram stories daily. With this, you can easily convince your potential follower to follow you. In fact, Instagram stories communicate more about your account.

Pay for product reviews and sponsored postsgain instagram followers business trying live videos

Exposing your brand or service to a wider audience is vital in your business. You need to make an impact by taking advantage of product reviews and posts on Instagram. It’s simple to do this. Have product reviews that feature main keywords. Also, if you’re dealing with an original and unique product, consider sending their features to post and review. With this, you’ll get a massive following.

You’re now aware of how to grow Instagram followers for business. In this post, we have analyzed the most effective techniques to use Instagram to gain more followers. Instagram can be your best friend to improve your business.