Lapel pins are hot fashion items these days. They are so relevant to us that we often use it to identify our affiliation to a group or organization, to have something to collect, and to express our stylish side to others. Likewise, most of us assume it to be as a modern invention.

If you’re interested to know more then we suggest that you keep reading as we are going to reveal some fascinating and fun facts about custom lapel pins in today’s blog post.


It May Have Originated From Boutonnieres


Earlier versions of lapel pins have holes to hold flowers in men’s suits. So it was concluded by historians that lapels were derived from a sort of similar pin called the Boutonniere which is a popular 16th century accessory for repelling bad luck.

Decorations On Lapel Pins Were Pioneered By The Byzantine Empire In 13th Century

The intricate design process of lapel pins was mastered by the Byzantine Empire in the 13th century using a specific technique in metalworking called cloisonné. It was later adopted and popularized by the Chinese in the Yuan Dynasty.

Eventually, the same technique was further refined and was also used in decorating jewelry, hairpins, decorative housewares, and fine art.

No Actual Practical Purpose

While people wear lapel pins to make a political or personal statement, it’s simply a fashion accessory and nothing more since it does not hold any practical function other than to adorn a person’s outfit.

Lapel Pins Were Also Used As Brooches

The term “lapel pin” is just a recent term that was created to distinguish this accessory from brooches. And though they may look different, their function is just the same – for holding things together and as clothing accessories.

Used To Represent An Affiliation

affiliation lapel pins

And finally, the use of custom lapel pins as an accessory has tremendously evolved because they are now worn to show affiliation to a certain political party, military organization, sports team, religious belief, educational institution, and any groups that are known to the society. And to some extent, lapel pins are also worn as a talisman to bring good luck and to ward off evil spirits.

Also, we can’t discount the fact that lapel pins are famously worn to reflect a personal belief, to convey a powerful statement, and to simply imitate the style of a popular icon or celebrity.

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