Selling a house or any property for that matter usually requires the involvement of a real estate agent to go through the process seamlessly. However, it may not always be a practical move on your part as the homeowner since it often means taking certain steps before closing the deal (and not to mention, spending money as well for the repairs).

Good thing there is another option of an all cash offer as you won’t need the services of a realtor to make the sale happen.

But is this a viable option to take? Is it practical to sell your home for money without a realtor? Get to know more about this topic in this blog post.

What Is The Role Of The Realtor In The Selling Process?

In order to understand the benefits of selling your property on your own without the help of a realtor, we need to tackle first the things that a realtor usually do to get his/her commission. Basically, a real estate agent acts as a bridge between you and a potential buyer. To be specific, here are their roles in the entire selling process:

  1. Enlist your property to MLS or Multiple Listing Services
  2. Market your property to their website and other advertising channels
  3. Hosting an open house and facilitate showings of your property
  4. Acts as your representative during negotiations and the closing process.

And while it makes sense to hire a realtor to accompany you through this process, there are also other factors to consider before selling your house like doing major repairs. And it does not guarantee a quick sale as you might have to wait several weeks before your property ends up with the right buyer.

So if you want to skip on these intricacies, the best option to take is to sell your home for money.

What Should You Do To Sell Your House On Your Own?

pricing your house

Here are the things you need to consider if you decide to forego using the services of a real estate agent:

Determine The Right Price

First things first, do a self-appraisal of your house before you enlist it on the MLS. Make an online research to know more about the competitive pricing of homes in your neighborhood and then set the right price for your property.

Just remember, to set the price at a realistic value and don’t overprice it.

Acquire A Flat Fee Listing

After determining the right value of your house, the next thing to do is to enlist your property through flat fee MLS. These are services that allow a homeowner to list their house for at least a hundred dollar. Use Google to search for similar services that are available in your area.

Market Your House

Again, make use of your online resources to market your property such as posting an ad on Craigslist. At the same time, you can search for home selling groups in social media sites to advertise your home to potential buyers. Moreover, you can create signs and brochures and distribute them to places where prospects are likely to be found.

Know Your House’s Selling Points

Be familiar of the details which buyers are usually interested to know like the lot size, location of the property, number of rooms, and other specific details that might be attractive to them and include these selling points in your advertisements.


And finally, the other things that you have to facilitate as you sell your house on your own are doing an open house, showing your house to buyers, handling the negotiations on your own, and more importantly, making sure that the sale will comply with all the laws (so you have to do a research on this area as well).

Final Word

Once you follow these sell your home for money tips that we’ve mentioned above, you are looking to sell your house in approximately 2 weeks. And the commission that is usually paid using a professional representation will all go to you. Hence, you are earning more from what is expected.

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