Sales recruitment companies have the edge when it comes to hiring the right candidates because they follow a proactive procedure in determining the right person for the job. They also have great attention to detail to ensure that any high-caliber applicant who has demonstrated passion and grit is truly the right fit for a seeking company.

If you are interested to know why professional sales recruiters consistently employ the best sales staff, then we invite you to continue reading as we are going to discuss the step-by-step process that sales headhunters do to hire the top people in today’s entry.

ideal candidate step by step process that sales headhunters hire top salespeople


Below Are The Steps That Sales Recruiters Follow To Find And Close Applicants That Have The Best Potential To Make Your Business Grow

Determining The Criteria Of The Ideal Candidate 

Sales headhunters screen applicants based on the skills, experience, strengths, motivations, and working habits needed by the company. Every business has a different set of requirements. So sales recruitment companies will actively engage in an evaluation process with the employing company first to determine the criteria of the ideal salesperson they are looking for.


They Explore Different Avenues To Attract Top Salespeople

Effective sales recruitment agencies make use of modern technology like the internet to locate the top prospects who have the potential to be the ideal candidate. Likewise, they also tap into different recruitment networks to seek out “the cream of the crop”.


They Carry Out A Rigorous Screening Process

Sales recruiting companies carry out a strict screening process to determine the best candidate. They don’t simply look at the applicant’s resumes but rather do a predictive and validated assessment to classify the top aspirants from the unscreened group who can advance to the next step of the application process.


They Conduct A Brief Initial Interview

Applicants who have made it to the next step will then be interviewed by a team of capable sales recruiters by phone. The conversation has to be brief and tough to further determine the next set of applicants who can advance to the full interview stage.


Full Interview

All applicants who have passed the phone interview will then be invited for an in-house interview. This is a crucial part of the hiring process as this will challenge the candidates to demonstrate their competencies to the interviewers and to prove to them that they are truly capable of being considered as the ideal candidate for the open sales positions.persuasion step by step process that sales headhunters hire top salespeople

Sales recruitment agencies usually appoint at least 2 people to facilitate the full interview to prevent personal bias and to ensure that their choice is indeed the best choice for the company.



And lastly, once all the top applicants are selected, the sales headhunters will then proceed from being purposely tough to selling the position that is being offered by the company. To be specific, they will give details on the role of the applicants after being hired as well as their potential compensations and rewards.


In the same way, the recruiters will also have to ‘sell’ the applicants to the organization and the leaders so they can ultimately decide if the top choices are indeed the best fit for their company.

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