Manufactured homes are affordable alternatives to a site-built home. And though they look like a ‘regular’ residence, they still scream a certain vibe that is typical to that of a factory-built house.

Fortunately, there are ways to turnaround this mass-produced character so your factory-built abode will look and feel like a classic stick-built home.

Read more as we are going to share some tips on how to make your manufactured home look like a house in today’s blog post.


Research For A Housing Style That You Want To Emulate

repair inside house

First off, do a research on the housing style that is suitable for the factory-built home that you have. For example, if your manufactured house is built like a ranch, then focus your research on classic styles of ranch houses.

Don’t make a mistake of redesigning your house based on another housing style as the result of your remodeling project will only look “forced” and inappropriate. And thus, it will be less appealing to your neighbors and visitors.


Do A Little Re-Paint

How to make your manufactured home look like a house can also be done by re-doing or adding a paint job to your prefabricated domicile.

Paint is fairly cheap, and it’s a great way of displaying your personal taste and a practical way of redefining the character of your home. Just make sure when you do this, try not to steer away from your chosen housing style inspiration to maintain the authentic feel of a stick-built house you want to imitate.

It’ doesn’t matter what color palette you will choose as long as it will immediately alter the character of the house and make it indistinguishable from other manufactured homes.


Change The Main Door

Installing a new front door can also immediately change the factory-built design of your house and make it look like a cozy home that is ideal for the family to live in. Again, it won’t matter if you’re going to replace it with a new door or a salvaged vintage barrier framework as long as it gives your entryway a new look.


Build A Patio Or A Porch

building porch

A porch or a patio is an archetypal element of a classic house, and that’s why you should also build one if you want your pad to be like a typical housing structure. Some DIY patio projects are found in books, magazines, and even on the internet.

Or if you’re really not much of a handyman, then you can hire a contractor to construct a covered patio outside your house. Though, you have to get a city or county permit before you can proceed to this project. Either way, it’s the best way to convert your manufactured abode into a classic style house.


Redo The Landscape

And the last entry on how to make your manufactured home look like a house is by planting a new landscape. A carefully planned exterior renovation will instantly give a cozy feel to your exterior. And as a result, it will also make your pre-cast property look similar to that of a conventional house at first glance.

Adding arbor, fence, and other finishing touches will also help achieve that classic house look you want to achieve.

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