Experimental marketing, or also known as ‘engagement marketing’, is a type of advertising process that aims to attract potential customers by letting them interact with the business and let them interact with the brand through firsthand experience. Through this hands-on, participatory, and tangible branding approach, the business can demonstrate to its target customers not just what they can offer to the market, but the company’s advocacy and what they really stand for.

Such a marketing technique can be a hit or miss since it doesn’t conform to the traditional practice of drawing consumers into the brand. And if you’re planning to apply this unique method to promote your brand, then it’s recommended seeking the advice of a consultant who is an expert in experiential marketing.

So take time to read this entry as we are going to tackle the prerequisites if choosing an experiential creative consultancy professional to help you maximize your advertising, promotion, and sales strategies for your business.

Impeccable Character

An effective consultant for experiential marketing must be someone with an unquestionable character. To be specific, he must be a consummate professional in this type of marketing and be willing to put the client’s interest first above all else, even his own interest.

For instance, the experiential create consultancy professional should be able to give the best advice possible not because it’s what the client wants to hear but what they need to hear. In short, they look at all possible avenues to come up with the best solution and develop an experiential marketing campaign that will establish the cause of your business to their consumers through live interaction.

Solid Experience

Of course, this one is a no-brainer. The field of experiential consultancy is specialized in the art of conceptualizing, developing, and designing commercial advertising campaigns that are physically engaging to consumers. Hence, consultants must create comprehensive marketing plans for their clients while offering a flexible and customized service according to the budget of the person or company that hired them.

This is the reason why you need to pick someone who has solid experience so they’ll be able to face any challenges or opportunities in your business proficiently. Now they may not know your company at first, but through their expertise in experiential marketing they’ll be able to address all your marketing obstacles with a smile. And that will be a winning advantage for you and your company.

Exceptional Communication Skills

Choosing a consultant in experiential marketing that is articulate and has strong communication skills is also essential. And by having strong communication skills, we mean his ability to convey his ideas to you effectively through verbal conversations and writing. Aside from that, he should be very keen on capturing the interest of the consumers since experiential marketing involves an integrated approach between your business and the target audience. In short, he should have a knack to make the people ‘listen’ so they’ll be able to know what your business is all about.

Moreover, he should also be keen on listening to you so they’ll be able to accurately capture the vision that you want to impart to your customers.

Must Be A Creative Problem-Solver

As previously mentioned, your experiential creative consultancy professional of choice must look into different possibilities so they’ll be able to produce the best solution according to the marketing dilemma that you are facing. After all, the main reason why you are hiring them in the first place is to benefit from their problem-solving skills.

Other than that, they should be able to take advantage of marketing opportunities before your competitors take hold of it.

For example, Vans, a popular skating brand, has launched a marketing campaign last year to promote their women’s skateboarding line. And they did this by hosting skate events in various US States on the exact day when International Woman’s Day is celebrated.

Excellent Interpersonal Skills

And last but not least, you have to choose an experiential creative consultancy professional whom you are comfortable revealing all intimate details and other trade secrets of your business. This is also crucial since without their excellent interpersonal skills, then you’ll be having qualms about giving your trust to them. And as a result, the consultant is also hindered from unleashing his true potential and will not be able to help your company effectively.

So it’s a must to go for a consultant that is able to win your trust and will do his best to keep that trust factor at all times. Contact Smart Compass today if you’re looking for a trusted experiential creative consultant in London that can help skyrocket your business growth.