A client-centric or customer-first approach is always crucial for any business to succeed. And this is all the more important for fitness-related businesses since it is a service-oriented kind of activity.

As the owner, you must ensure that all the needs of your members are well taken care of at all times, and a club management tool can do just that.

Learn more as we get to know more about club management software and how it works to provide the needs of businesses belonging to the fitness industry.


Club Management Software Explained

managing a fitness club

Basically, this software is a digital solution that helps workout facilities and fitness establishments to effectively manage business-transactions such as admissions, appointments, scheduling, and reservations. Aside from that, it also enables you to offer perks like promos, discounts, and rewards to loyal and active members.

The fitness industry has significantly developed in recent years, reflected the continuous demand for people to be fit and the trend of placing importance on one’s physical wellness. In fact, the industry is now worth over 100 billion dollars. And there are over 180,000 fitness establishments with 1/3 of these centers found in the United States alone (about 34,000).

And while the outlook is very promising, to say the least, the drop-out rate is quite high at 80% due to the lack of efficiency in terms of member management.

It’s no secret that health club, gym, or fitness center relies on productivity and efficiency to succeed. So club owners like you should use a tool like this to automate processes, streamline tasks, and more importantly, to provide exceptional quality of service to clients. Moreover, implementing the use of this tool helps extend your level of service exponentially. And as a result, the drop-out rate is reduced and you attract more clients at the same time.


How Does It Work?

Today’s fitness or gym management software is mostly cloud-based, and it makes use of the internet to provide utmost convenience and connectivity. Likewise, the installation is not an issue and it does not need any location requirements upon deployment as everything is managed and done online through your own website or app.

And probably, the most important feature of this software is scalability. Meaning, it includes different features and capabilities so it can handle various kinds of operations from a single facility to a multi-location type of business.

A club management software works this way at the most basic level:

  1. Books client’s appointments and schedules through your business website portal, app, or social media page.
  2. Allow clients to fill up forms for registration and for updating information details.
  3. Sends a notification to confirm you and the client about the designated schedule.
  4. Automatically re-schedules the client if he/she doesn’t show up at the designated schedule.
  5. Allow clients to pay fees and process payments online.
  6. Provides info to trainers about the client’s workout plan.
  7. Organizes schedules of different clients who are enrolled for regular fitness classes and arrange check-ins and multi-visit passes to visitors.